No one knows for sure what the world of work will look like in the next five months, let alone the next five years. However, it seems likely that the days of one central office being the hub of all activity are over.

Research from Gartner shows that 48% of employees are set to work remotely for at least part of their working week after the COVID-19 pandemic (compared to 30% beforehand).

So, how will this work? And how can companies adapt? This is exactly what the third event in Lyreco’s Refresh & Revive Virtual Roadshow series set out to explore during its Future of Work special.

Exploring generational diversity at work

Broadcast live on November 18th, the Virtual Roadshow brought together an expert panel to delve into the trends and challenges facing businesses as they adapt to the future of the workplace. And one of the key topics discussed was generational diversity.

Asmana Iftakhar, People & Culture Director for Lyreco, highlighted that many workforces now feature employees from across four generations. She also emphasised how workers expectations will differ, largely based on their generational profile.

But, how does this feed into an employer’s approach to workplace well-being?

Well-being is vital to workplace success

Research from Lyreco partner Fellowes shows that well-being plays a major role in talent acquisition and staff retention.

Six out of ten UK employees would be more likely to stay in a job longer if more was done to look after their well-being. And 87% consider health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer.

Like Asmana pointed out during the show, businesses need to be aware of what matters to their employees – and those they’re looking to hire. Ultimately, the best businesses will compete through mental and physical well-being, workplace experience, and flexibility.

The real question is: can companies afford not to take a generational approach to workplace well-being?

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The Refresh & Revive Virtual Roadshow is a series of live events that support Lyreco’s Refresh & Revive campaign for improved employee health and well-being.

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