Legerity has launched FastPost Express, the preconfigured SaaS version of its FastPost accounting rules software.

Designed for insurance firms with smaller IT teams (and those stretched for resources), the platform provides a simple route to full IFRS17 compliance. It replaces Legerity’s Foundation solution as part of a bold global go-to-market strategy.

To support the launch, ditto worked closely with the Legerity team to create a new suite of assets.

Getting insurers ready for IFRS17

IFRS17 represents a major change in accounting standards for insurance firms. And, with the deadline for compliance extended to 2023, there are many smaller firms around the world still trying to understand the requirements and implement a solution.

Legerity already had the platform ready to go. However, it needed a fresh way to bring this to market. It needed to emphasise how the preconfigured and SaaS delivered solution is accessible to smaller firms with limited resources and budgets.

A key challenge to address was the complexity of IFRS17. The messaging needed to be simple. And the answer was FastPost Express – highlighting how Legerity provides a quicker, easier path to IFRS17 compliance.

An innovative new approach to compliance

As part of its new approach, Legerity has unveiled a collection of assets to promote FastPost Express and support its sales team. This includes:

  • A new webpage introducing FastPost Express
  • An animated video exploring how the platform outperforms the competition
  • A product brochure detailing the platform and its key benefits
  • A case study highlighting Legerity’s IFRS17 project experience

These have all been built on a messaging framework designed to give Legerity a much bigger and bolder way of connecting with customers.

Each asset highlights the simplicity of achieving IFRS17 compliance with FastPost Express and the proven delivery experience of Legerity (especially in comparison to competitors). After all, insurance is about managing risk – choosing an IFRS17 solution shouldn’t be one of them.

The IFRS17 implementation experts

Legerity are the experts in cloud-based accounting rules software. They’re changing the way Insurance, Banking and Telco firms think about their back-office processes.

They have decades of experience in accounting regulation, and have deployed FastPost to some of the most complex industries – including leading insurance firms.

And now, with FastPost Express, they have an innovative approach to helping smaller firms deliver IFRS17 compliance.

Discover more about Legerity’s FastPost Express: for IFRS17 and see the assets in action: