Dublin dubbed new home of blockchain by R3

‘Dublin dubbed new home of Blockchain as R3 plan to open new office’


R3, the enterprise blockchain software firm, announces plans to open its second European office in Dublin in 2020, as part of its rapid expansion plans. The office will serve as another of R3’s tech hubs and will be primarily staffed by engineering specialists who will work closely with the existing Engineering team in London.



The new office, announced just weeks after R3 doubled the size of its London hub, will support an aggressive hiring plan which aims to expand the company’s global headcount by around one quarter by the end of 2019. Many of the new roles will be software engineers, along with commercial and client-facing roles around the world.


“R3’s Corda and Corda Enterprise are the platforms upon which more than 300 of the world’s largest financial services firms, technology companies, central banks, regulators and trade associations build their applications.”


While enterprise blockchain is still in its early years, it is now being deployed by some of the world’s largest companies across sectors as diverse as healthcare, insurance, capital markets and global trade. R3’s Corda serves as the foundation for many of these initiatives, becoming one of the leading blockchain platforms for enterprise use. The growth of the engineering team will ensure that the hundreds of businesses who build their applications on Corda can continue to deploy blockchain solutions simply and successfully.


Read the full press release news here 

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Lead Generation: Opening the lid on your sales funnel

Your business can’t grow if you don’t make sales. Simple.
But how do you line up an audience to make those sales? 

This article explores how to identify and target a potential customer, enabling you to push them through your sales funnel. There are many methods firms use to generate leads. The best options to employ depends on the market of your business and the audience you are trying to attract.  


Consider these options to generate leads for your business:

  • Social media advertising and influencers.
  • Email marketing.
  • Telemarketing.
  • Content production (blogs, vlogs, and podcasts).
  • SEO optimization of your website.
  • LinkedIn Prospecting.
  • Utilising appointment setting services.
  • Sales Development via Prospecting Calls or Inside Sales.

Many of these cross over into the domain of marketing; after all, both activities have similar objectives – but are not the same. However, just like marketing, you can also outsource lead generation to professional companies who can generate sales leads on your behalf much quicker and more effectively.

When outsourcing any type of lead generation, you must not only determine whether a company like Sales Leads, for example, specialises in B2B lead generation but also their niche. Most lead generation services will focus on one area, such as technology, telecommunications, or other industries.


The Number One Mistake in Lead Generation 

One of the biggest mistakes businesses can make is to establish a lead generation tactic and then forget about it in the hope that leads will keep on coming.

Monitoring how your lead generation strategy is performing will enable you to find out which methods are worth the investment of time and money and which need improving. This may be done using analytic tools and software that let you know where your current leads are coming from.


Keeping Hold of the Lead

Lead generation is the first step in the process of making a sale. Finding your market and gaining their interest is crucial, but your efforts go to waste if you don’t maintain their interest through lead nurturing.

Sometimes low sales figures can be due to a poorly crafted sales funnel rather than poor lead generation. This is one of the differences between marketing and lead generation. While lead generation fills the top of the funnel, marketing is ongoing and present throughout the funnel. Ask yourself whether your business doesn’t attract enough interest or doesn’t convert enough interest.

If it’s the former you may need to work on your lead generation strategy and start monitoring your current performance to identify improvements.


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5G: Fast and Responsive but what about future impact?

5G is fast and responsive, but what is it’s future impact? 

In this article we introduce the fifth generation network, how this new tech can be used for consumer and industry applications, along with the availability of 5G within everyday life.


What is 5G?

Over 3 months ago, we watched in anticipation as news report of the first 5G system was streamed in the very heart of London. Although previously there has been so much hype around the world is it really going to benefit us? If so how, and do we know enough about this technology. 

5G is the most current generation of cellular technology, born to significantly expand the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks. 5G is ultimately a software defined network which will lessen the need for a fibre optic cable as it is operated mainly using the cloud. 


How fast is 5G?

5G has 100 times the amount of capacity than 4G seriously increasing our internet speed. If you wanted to download a 2-hour film, our old friend 3G will take a whopping 26 hours! If you are looking at the timing of 4G it would take roughly 6 minutes. Whereas the 5G network would only take 3.6 seconds faster than a blink of the eye. 

Additionally, response times will become faster 4G responds to its audience demands in 0.45 milliseconds when using 5G it will take 0.01 millisecond! Therefore, smart phone users will be able to gain a more streamlined experience. 

“In addition to the striking speed, which enables data transmission between two end systems almost instantly, 5G’s ability to connect thousands of such devices at once with lower latency, higher reliability and less battery consumption lays a strong foundation for the effective adoption of emerging technologies.” Archi Dasgupta, Director of Disruptive Tech at GlobalData

Just from this data alone you can see why there is so much hype around the 5G network. But there is more, as it will not be just the smartphone users reaping the benefits of this newfound emerging technology. 

This reduction in the lag time becomes more critical when looking at autonomous vehicles as they process real time data the faster, better and ultimately safer, they can perform.  

From this example you can start to piece together how 5G will then be better connected to IOT an industry which is rapidly expanding. The internet of things, or IoT, is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers which allows the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

5G will also help us by giving us a more personalised web experience by using what is called ‘Web Slicing’ this allows us to create our very own bespoke network. With faster response times and faster data being brought to the users it will allow for gamers to have more power of those who are just web surfing or using the network to flick through social media. 

Another great advantage will be for businesses giving them the capacity to personalise the internet in one area especially when users are using data heavy applications. In turn this means that event organisers can pay for a slice of network boosting is internet capacity and therefore giving users a better online experience. 


When can we expect to use 5G 

‘’AT&T is expecting to have a nationwide 5G reach by 2020.’’
AT&T – American multinational Telecommunications holding company

Yet we are still led to believe that the network will still for a while be behind those on both 3G & 4G if you are looking at global connections. Moreover, the 5G network needs a much greater bandwidth which will demand a brand new infostructure. If you are wondering why, this is because 3G and 4G were both an easy setup this is due to their existing frequencies on the UK radio spectrum. 

Additionally, it boils down to cost as we need to look at running and building costs which will impact service operators even forcing them to share ownership and management of the mobile network. 

On a more positive note this year we have seen companies like Huawei successfully launch their first trials of 5G which has put them at the forefront of equipment production for this emerging technology. 

Overall 5G in key cities and industrial areas will be delivered promptly but for those of us who live in rural areas it will still be a long wait until delivery. When 5G is in full swing and able to harness its full potential, it will change the way we receive internet at work and at home. Better connected but without the wires. 


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'The Big 5' InsurTech Stories of the Week


Here we take stock of the top stories coming out of the Insurance Technology sector this past week - 16.08.19. 

1. Sompo teams up with cloud-based InsurTech Slice Labs in a move designed to bring on-demand insurance to the Asia Pacific region

Sompo Holdings Asia (SOMPO) is a top Japanese insurer, regionally headquartered in Singapore and part of Sompo Holdings. The Slice Insurance Cloud Services (ICS) platform was set up in 2018 with an aim of delivering products via a low cost monthly subscription with no complex contracts or implementation costs. Both companies plan to roll-out various “on-demand” products across Asia throughout their proof-of-value partnership. Additionally, Slice Labs will be opening an office in Singapore to support this and other initiatives in the region.

“The future of satisfying insurance customers in any country and product segment hinges upon the cooperation of insurers and insurtechs,” said Tim Attia, Chief Executive Officer of Slice.


2. InsurTech Trov Partners with Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group is to use a white-labeled platform from San Fransicos's Trov to roll out a suite of insurance products for digitally-native consumers. The launch of the platform follows a pivot by Trov from a direct-to-consumer offering to a white label provider to incumbents.

Scott Walchek, founder and CEO, Trov, comments: “We’re delighted that Lloyds Banking Group is joining us on our journey and excited to assist other financial institutions to remain competitive in the face of mounting competition by offering the types of digital insurance products their customers demand.”


3. Brolly founder Phoebe Hugh wants to revolutionise insurance with AI and flexible prices

Brolly launched in 2016. Its personal insurance app has an AI policy management tool that handily scans your emails and brings together all your different policies into one place, such as phone, travel, car and home.

“It really helped people to see how much they were paying, how much their prices are changing, and whether they had double cover, and helped them feel empowered to have conversations with their insurer,” says Hugh.

The start-up is now launching its very own insurance policy, Brolly Contents, following the learnings gleaned from the Brolly app, and interviews with thousands of customers. Focusing specifically on contents insurance, Brolly’s chatbot uses computer vision to identify the items you want to insure, from photos you upload to the app. It then generates a quote in 60 seconds. The price falls every month, designed to reward good behaviour from customers. The product is backed by Hiscox, and the rolling monthly subscription can be cancelled anytime just like Netflix.


4. Insurtech Semsee completes trial of insurance platform

New York-based Semsee has created a SaaS platform using robotic process automation, API connectivity and deep insurance expertise. More than 24 insurance agencies used Semsee during the three-month pilot programme to quote Business Owners Policies (BOP). Using this platform, agents can gain access to more than 25% of the BOP market, including half of the top 10 carriers, across all business types across the US. Leveraging its database of over 4,000 carrier questions, Semsee produces a single smart form based on the insured’s operations and location.

Semsee CEO and co-founder Philip Charles-Pierre said: “On the heels of our successful pilot, we are now accelerating the onboarding of the hundreds of agencies on our waitlist. Moreover, we are excited to add the many carriers in our pipeline, as well as new lines of business, such as Workers Compensation and Commercial Auto, to our platform, thereby advancing our goal of generating billions of dollars of value for the small commercial insurance industry.”


5. Greenlight Re Innovations has completed a strategic investment into property insurance claims fulfilment platform Handdii Pty

Handii, based in Australia, aims to improve the claims process by connecting insurance companies with contractors and ensure all involved parties receive real-time updates. The platform will identify the right trade to handle the repairs and facilitate communications, once it is completed the customer can rate the trade and their quality.

Greenlight Re CEO Simon Burton said: “Handdii has created a technology platform that bridges the gap between the construction and insurance industries, eliminating the pain points that arise under the traditional model. With experience in both industries, Handdii has identified a solution to a niche problem. We look forward to working with the Handdii team and supporting the platform as it grows.”


Contact Mike Richardson on LinkedIn or email miker@ditto.tv to submit your InsurTech news for next weeks roundup.


ditto is... launching DASL - Digital Asset Shared Ledger

Last week, new ditto client LAB577 announced they have gone live with their product DASL

LAB577 are a software company who co-create applications using emerging technology for clients in the financial services industry. The have created DASL - Digital Asset Shared Ledger which provides Financial Institutions the ability to re-imagine how value is moved and managed. DASL is an open solution that gives institutions the increased control, automation and connectivity they need to handle digital assets with confidence. It is built on the Corda Network from R3 - an enterprise blockchain software firm with a broad ecosystem of members and partners across multiple industries in the private and public sectors.

With this product launch to market, we interviewed LAB577 CEO & Founder Richard Crook to hear more about what he had to say regarding DASL's partnership with global cryptocurrency broker BCB Group.

Listen to the full interview here

Read the interview article here 


ditto is... having FinTech fun after dark

When we aren’t in our Clerkenwell studio helping businesses disrupt and advance, you can bet we are out and about in London at a city event.

Last week we had the pleasure of being guests at FinTech insider presents: AfterDark #FINInTheSun produced by 11:FS. The event was packed without a spare seat in the house, as guests eagerly anticipated the hour-long panel discussion dissecting the big headlines in the Financial and Technology world.

Before and after the panel discussion WeWork’s Devonshire Square courtyard was filled with innovators and disruptors, as the city’s FinTech community gathered to network and chat over cold beverages and tasty food - all under the East London evening sunshine.


The show was hosted by Simon Taylor, Dr. Leda Glyptis and Jason Bates, joined by these industry experts on the panel:

The main topics covered in the event were:

  • Big banks being accused of giving fintech start-ups a raw deal
  • UK fintech Jaja's acquisition of the Bank of Ireland’s UK credit card business for £530M
  • Singapore to issue digital retail and wholesale bank licenses
  • New Lifetime ISA best buy for younger savers keen to get on the property ladder
  • Libra: Facebook’s digital asset proposition


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You can check out the whole podcast here https://fi.11fs.com/508


ditto is… fighting financial crime with AI

We are delighted to introduce our new client Bleckwen. Leading the way to tackle serious financial crime, they use AI to provide a real-time fraud prevention solution for Financial Institutions.

The firm was set up in 2016 in Paris, with the goal to reveal deep truth within fraud – protecting banks and their customers from the sophisticated world of financial crime. Bleckwen’s experienced team made up of 70% system engineers have created a robust and rigorous architecture using explainable AI to put users in control.

We are pleased to be working with this award winning firm – Bleckwen were recently named 2019 EBAday Fintech Zone winners. They received this accolade by showcasing how their fraud prevention solution allows banks to collaborate with the start-up community and drive their internal innovation agenda with support from newer players.

To keep posted on our work with Bleckwen make sure you follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

ditto is... watching the global AI race

At the start of June ditto visited the brilliant Fora Fitzrovia to attend a jam-packed breakfast discussion surrounding an extremely hot topic – Who is winning the global AI race?

The discussion was hosted by Tortoise Media who are on a mission to build a different type of newsroom, for more considered, wiser news.

The room was full of debate from juniors, senior professionals and industry experts, looking to gain invaluable insight, with an audience and thought leaders including:

- Niklas Zennstrom, Founder of Skype, Atomico
- Mike Lynch, Founder, Invoke Capital
- Chris Wigley, COO, Quantum Black
- Nigel Toon, CEO, Graphcore
- Roger Taylor, Chair, Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation

We were delving deeper into one of the great geo-political battles of the 21st century – the dominance in Artificial Intelligence!
The talk explored how the race for AI supremacy is so much more than a conflict between the US and China, but spans all aspects of worldwide society, asking questions of consumers and citizens, business and industries, and nations and states.

Artificial Intelligence provides methods to solve problems we couldn’t 10 years ago - problems that didn’t even exist 10 years ago. The discussion revealed just how complex this topic was with the questions of ethics, addressing whether humans are ready psychologically to let machines have more control, education into AI and Machine Learning, and the role of governance within this global race.

Technology has seen unprecedented advances in the last 10 years, but will one single nation, business or consumer ever be the sole winner in this competitive AI world, or should we all be working with machines to for an overall global society?

“In the 1700’s machines saved our muscle power and bought about a revolution, now, AI is building machines to enhance our minds – a new revolution”

ditto is... implementing digital assets into Financial Institutions

Lab 577 approached ditto to produce a campaign for their newly developed product – DASL – Digital Asset Shared Ledger.

The project had a streamlined planning life-cycle, with ideation, development and finished campaign collateral, all communicated efficiently under tight client deadlines.

The campaign was aimed at Financial Institutions to incorporate digital assets into their customer offering by implementing DASL as a solution. The campaign needed to gain the instant attention of key stakeholders in financial institutions.

Powerful, bold imagery conveying the perilous danger of nature and precarious situations humans find themselves in, ensured the DASL messaging focussed the audience and grabbed their attention.

The ditto team created a promotional package across digital and print with poster advertisements, social media banners, business cards and a corporate presentation.

ditto is... discussing the Eastern opportunity of IFRS 17


Our retained client, Legerity have recently opened their brand-new office in Hong Kong, the heart of Asia-Pacific.

Legerity are transforming finance and risk functions, enabling firms to meet the increasing complexity and compliance challenges of IFRS 17. Globally, Insurers are having to consider how to standardise processes, bridging the gap between actuarial and finance functions across multiple, worldwide locations. So what does this mean from a regional perspective?

We caught up with Legerity’s Jeremy Wood, CEO and Founder, and Mark Miller, IFRS Global Lead to learn more about their Eastern opportunity with IFRS 17.

The discussion explored why this new global standard has taken them to Hong Kong specifically, how the standard is viewed in the Asia-Pacific region, what are the differences in that part of the world and identifying international themes that are reinforced there.

To read the full article you can visit the Legerity resource centre here to download the in-depth discussion, along with a range of other IFRS 17 articles.

You can watch and listen to the interview on the Legerity site here.
You can also view Legerity’s other videos and interviews on their YouTube channel here.

ditto is... hiring a copywriter!

ditto is always growing. Now we are hiring!

As we move into the second half of the year, we have lined up an array of new and retained clients. To create messaging that moves people to action and is heard on the world stage, we are looking for an expert wordsmith who has a passion for tech, loves to work with creative colleagues and has an abundance of clever ideas.

ditto invites applications from experienced copywriters who would like to join our bench.

At ditto we thrive on challenging briefs from global clients – working on projects to really sink teeth into.

We can offer a brilliantly bright copywriter a steady flow of projects and fantastically flexible working terms – whether you work on the beach or choose to come into our wonderful Fora office in Clerkenwell, all we ask is that you are committed to provide world-class copy.

You are a person in demand, we know you’ll have a couple of clients already, and you like to spin a plate or two, that is absolutely fine with us.

Your work spans across all copy types, from short and long-form content, video scripts to white papers, industry articles and web-copy.

If you want to grow communities and grow with us, join our conversation.

To apply for this position, send 200 words on why you – with an example of your work to mike@ditto.tv.

ditto. good people doing good things.

ditto is... transforming its online presence

ditto are super happy to be revealing our brand new website... Here it is!

We said goodbye to our old website and made way for a bolder look.

As we continually help our clients disrupt and advance in the FinTech and Emerging Tech space, it gave us food for thought to produce a transformed identity for ourselves.

The new site showcases all the exciting projects we are involved in.
Explore to see the full range of services we provide for our clients and navigate your way through our portfolio for fresh examples of our work.

We love our new online look, we hope you do too.


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