Spotlight On... RegTech and Innovation

Join us on Monday 17th June 4pm BST as we cast a Spotlight On… RegTech and Innovation to explore how firms are using RegTech to go beyond compliance.

RegTech is maturing and Financial institutions are using the opportunity to invest in solutions that go beyond regulation and compliance to transform their business. In this webinar we discuss innovation, adoption and how regulated firms are looking to RegTech to give them a competitive advantage.

Register here to listen to insight from the following panel:

Mark Demo - Director, Industry and Marketing, AcadiaSoft
AcadiaSoft is the leading industry provider of risk and collateral management services for the non-cleared derivatives community. They offer a suite of applications and analytics that enable and measure the complete STP workflow from CSA agreement management, risk services, margin and collateral management through to settlement.

Elizabeth Sipiere – Head of Business Development, Legerity
Legerity helps Finance & Risk clients achieve complex accounting change, utilising high-speed, in-memory technology delivered via the cloud. Legerity’s FastPost accounting rules platform provides seamless integration with existing systems, allowing digital transformation in a fast and non-disruptive manner.

Mike Imeson – Senior Content Editor, Financial Times Live (Moderating)
A financial journalist, Michael specialises in writing, editing and conference chairing for Financial Time Live, publishing companies and banks, and owns an editorial services agency.


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ditto is... hiring a copywriter!

ditto is always growing. Now we are hiring!

As we move into the second half of the year, we have lined up an array of new and retained clients. To create messaging that moves people to action and is heard on the world stage, we are looking for an expert wordsmith who has a passion for tech, loves to work with creative colleagues and has an abundance of clever ideas.

ditto invites applications from experienced copywriters who would like to join our bench.

At ditto we thrive on challenging briefs from global clients – working on projects to really sink teeth into.

We can offer a brilliantly bright copywriter a steady flow of projects and fantastically flexible working terms – whether you work on the beach or choose to come into our wonderful Fora office in Clerkenwell, all we ask is that you are committed to provide world-class copy.

You are a person in demand, we know you’ll have a couple of clients already, and you like to spin a plate or two, that is absolutely fine with us.

Your work spans across all copy types, from short and long-form content, video scripts to white papers, industry articles and web-copy.

If you want to grow communities and grow with us, join our conversation.

To apply for this position, send 200 words on why you – with an example of your work to

ditto. good people doing good things.

ditto is… exploring telemetry and large scale metrics

On Tuesday 11th June, ditto CEO & Founder Mike Wilson, will be hosting a webinar for Statful – a platform for the next generation of data aggregation and visualisation.

The webinar ‘Telemetry 101: It’s more than 1’s and 0’s‘ will address digital companies becoming more reliant on in-depth knowledge of the health and performance of their applications. Accelerated release cycles mean DevOps teams are required to track thousands of metrics over large, distributed systems and the discussion recognises that one size does not fit all.

Join Statful and a global panel of experts who will share industry insight as they explore telemetry, the key to getting insightful metrics and using telemetry information to guide problem-solving:

Hugo Valente, Tech Product Owner, Statful
Guilherme Almeida, CTO, HOLD
Lars Temme, Director of Engineering, TVG
Mike Wilson – CEO, ditto & RegTech Markets (Moderator)

Register here to join us on the day to cover key points on how DevOps teams can benefit from powerful telemetry systems, the overall importance of telemetry and the barriers to its adoption.

What ditto does… lightning talks!

At the beginning of May, ditto CEO & Founder Mike Wilson was invited to share expert industry insight at First Fridays Lightning Talks at Dogpatch Labs in Dublin.

The talk, backed by Google, focussed on ‘Customer Acquisition: Winning Hearts, Minds, and Wallets’. Mike imparted his experience and knowledge surrounding targeted communications and customer acquisition strategy.
The content of this presentation included:

– Five steps to success: Planning, Production, Activation, Results, Repeat.
– What not to do.
– Three take away key points.

The event was attended by around 100 individuals, from start-up founders to corporate executives within the technology community. Mike’s talk was extremely well received, and ditto enjoyed sharing knowledge and engaging with those embarking on their marketing journey.

Chat to us to start your own FinTech marketing journey today + 44 (0) 203 950 2239.

ditto is... celebrating our 10th birthday

Its ditto’s birthday!

We are 10 years old today. May 16th 2009, our maiden voyage at The Roundhouse, Short Circuit Festival.

Thanks to everyone that worked, collaborated, played and performed at our happenings, the Lighthouse studio, Campfire Storytelling, Sunrise Film Festival, Playworks Films, all the way to the FORA studio… not to mention all our wonderful client work.

We’ve done a bit, and still are. It’s been absolutely amazing.

There’s been some thrills…. there’s been some spills…

Thank you.

…here’s something special from the archive, one from the very beginning.