Join Legerity for a free webinar discussing climate impact on the CFO, the associated challenges and how Legerity FastPost helps firms meet future regulatory demands.

Just days ahead of the COP26 climate conference, the UK government announced plans to introduce legislation requiring mandatory climate-related disclosure by companies and financial institutions from April 2022. With climate impact reports likely to become a regulatory requirement in most countries, supplying evidence in an auditable, validated, and transparent way will be a challenge that all firms face.

Pressure is mounting on CFOs to report the climate impact of their operations and the associated risks. Investors, governments, regulators, customers and even employees want to know how the company is offsetting its climate impact.

This free webinar will discuss climate impact on the CFO, the associated challenges, risks, and how Legerity FastPost can help firms meet future regulatory demands and empower finance professionals to build a robust ESG financial reporting framework based on sound climate data and accounting principles.

Date:  December 7th 2021
Time: 9am EST / 2pm UK / 3pm Europe
Duration: 45 minutes
Attendees: Finance, IT, ESG

The agenda will cover:

  • Introduction to ESG
  • Role of the CFO for climate impact
  • The Need for Governance / Standardisation
  • ESG Data Framework and Accounting Rules
  • Carbon Accounting Demo

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