Join us on Wednesday September 27th 9am EST / 2pm BST

For the launch of Genesis TV – an online set of videos, animations, use case and resources and discover how Low-Code / No-Code is solving challenges across the financial markets

Join Genesis on 27th October 9am EST / 2pm BST for their Now You Can showcase and the launch of GenesisTV – the most comprehensive resource of low-code / no-code content, use cases, tutorials, explainer videos and thought leadership dedicated to financial markets. Hear from firms such as Citi, ING, Linux, Symphony and Google Ventures on why they are partnering with Genesis, and how firms across the markets are adopting low-code / no-code to accelerate their development programs.


If you are new to low-code / no-code or an experienced user, GenesisTV is an on-demand suite of content providing insight and real-life use cases on how Genesis are transforming IT delivery. Reducing development times by 80% – helping Sell-side, Buy-side, Venues and partners tackle the challenges of End User Computing, Legacy Innovation, E-Platforms and delivering New Industry Applications.


GenesisTV is free, on-demand and an invaluable suite of content, shows and tutorials, with Genesis, Code Less and Do More.

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