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    Culture Clasher – With Legendary DJ and Film-maker – Don Letts

    Thursday 26th August – Returning as our guest for his second Campfire, Don Letts – DJ, Broadcaster, Film-Maker, Musician and Social Commentator – has spent a lifetime defying conformity, infusing his unique style and attitude into his work on both sides of the lens as he lives up to his reputation as the ‘Rebel Dread’

    Don’s exceptional life has recently been captured in the book – There and Black Again – telling his story through his work with others and co-starring the likes of Joe Strummer, Bob Marley, Paul McCartney, Nelson Mandela and Chuck D. in this refreshing and eye-opening story of a man who has never been afraid to tread his own path.

    We invite you to join for what will be a fascinating look into the unexpected world of Don Letts that began alongside Rock Against Racism and continues as history repeats itself with Black Lives Matter.


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    Hypnotic Response - Richard Norris

    Hypnotic Response, released in the summer - continues to delight at ditto. Departing from the serene calmness of his monthly series of ambient works - Music for… - the album draws inspiration from the worlds of Krautrock, Psychedelia and the driving energy that was the 70’s at their experimental best, reimagined faultlessly in one mesmeric kosmische release. On repeat.

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    Green Mining

    Q. What do you do with that old, abandoned, flooded colliery?
    A. Attach it to a heat pump. This simple and practical solution is precisely what has happened in Dawdon, County Durham, where sea water, heated geothermally, is pumped from the flooded tunnels and converted to create a useful energy source and the potential to heat 1,500 homes when fully operational.

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    Frieze 2021

    Frieze 2021
    Now in its 18th year, The Frieze London’s focus on contemporary art and living artists has secured itself as the go to event for curators, collectors and the simply curious who are looking for something more box fresh than old master. That said, Frieze Masters will be taking place at the same time, and linking the two, Frieze Sculpture is free to all visiting Regent’s Park with a selection of major outdoor works on display.

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    World Porridge Making Championship

    Somewhat overshadowed by this year’s Nobel Prizes, our congratulations go out to Miriam Groot - vegan food blogger - who has been crowned winner of the World Porridge Making Championship for 2021. Unsurprisingly the event took place online this year, and her oat arancini recipe was enough to stave off competition from around the world and win her the Virtual Spurtle, alongside a hand carved one commemorating the achievement.

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    BOTD Paul Simon

    Where to begin..? The beautifully crafted songs with Art Garfunkel that helped define the 60’s? The inspirational solo albums of the 70’s? Or introducing us to the joy that is Ladysmith Black Mambazo in the 80’s? It's impossible to choose a favourite, so we’ve opted for a classic - as we raise a glass to them all, and the genius that is Paul Simon.

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