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    The Climate in Crisis - Investors, Innovators & Agitators

    Thursday 27th May – We are thrilled to be hosting Dan Morrell, the man who invented the phrase ‘Carbon Neutral’, who will be sharing his story with three special guests. Join us to hear from the man himself and his amazing guests – all whom are changing the world – making it a better place for all.


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    Tape Rules

    As we wait patiently for the promises of futuristic data storage mediums, ranging from DNA to quartz crystals, to bear fruit, it is somewhat surprising to learn that the ever buoyant and expanding storage market still relies on tape based systems for long term archiving. Read more in the fascinating article from Techradar with David Trachy.

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    Delia Derbyshire Documentary

    2021 is shaping up to be the year of overdue recognition for some of the greatest female electronic composers. Sunday sees Delia Derbyshire - The Myths and the Legendary Tapes small screen debut on BBC4 (16th May 9.00pm). Known to some for her pioneering work at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and to many for the theme music for Dr Who, Delia’s influence continues to inspire. In this film by Caroline Catz, accompanied by an original score by the maverick Cosey Fanni Tutti, we learn a little more about the lifelong musical non-conformist through a trove of recently discovered journals and tapes.

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    Naturally Brilliant Colours

    Kew Gardens is hosting the outstanding new exhibition Naturally Brilliant Colours exploring the relationship between what the eye sees and how nature enhances the experience. From butterfly wings to hummingbirds and through a myriad of plants, the ability of the natural world to produce stunning arrays of colour and iridescence has evolved to captivate the gaze of every onlooker.

    The exhibition features stunning new artwork by Coral G Guest using Pure Structural Colour to reproduce nature's most spectacular displays. The exhibition also delves into the history of botanical art featuring works by Robert John Thorton and Julia Trickery.

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    The Coral

    Capturing what may well be the zeitgeist of summer 2021 Coral Island, the new album by The Coral, takes inspiration from that much loved holiday institution - the seaside town. Their songs from this imaginary resort span the shiny pop of sunshine and warm sands through to the melancholic musings of heydays past, and are woven together with a dry spoken word narrative echoing some long forgotten Play For Today. Spread over two discs this unashamedly conceptual album is ambitious, imaginative and on repeat.

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    Love a Tree Day

    With a day for almost everything this Sunday sees the somewhat prescient National Love a Tree Day. Although hugging is technically forbidden until Monday, why not just take a trip to the park, stand back, stare up and appreciate some arboreal magnificence this weekend.

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