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    Culture Clasher – With Legendary DJ and Film-maker – Don Letts

    Thursday 26th August – Returning as our guest for his second Campfire, Don Letts – DJ, Broadcaster, Film-Maker, Musician and Social Commentator – has spent a lifetime defying conformity, infusing his unique style and attitude into his work on both sides of the lens as he lives up to his reputation as the ‘Rebel Dread’

    Don’s exceptional life has recently been captured in the book – There and Black Again – telling his story through his work with others and co-starring the likes of Joe Strummer, Bob Marley, Paul McCartney, Nelson Mandela and Chuck D. in this refreshing and eye-opening story of a man who has never been afraid to tread his own path.

    We invite you to join for what will be a fascinating look into the unexpected world of Don Letts that began alongside Rock Against Racism and continues as history repeats itself with Black Lives Matter.


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    Shilpa Shah

    Shilpa Shah, former guest here at Campfire and friend of ditto, has co-authored a new book - Women in Tech - A practical guide to increasing gender diversity and inclusion - alongside Gillian Arnold, Hannah Dee, Clem Herman, Sharon Moore and Andrea Palmer. Offering expertise, initiatives and true stories to support those wishing to bring greater gender diversity into the workplace, the guide aims to tackle the ever present gender imbalance in technology professions. Use the code SHAH to get a 30% discount! Click below to order.

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    Spirit of Calm

    Spirit of Place is a summer long series of live events curated by long time friend of Campfire, Jan Pulsford. This Sunday’s offering is entitled Spirit of Calm, featuring Tom Rogerson, Ambient Music World, Girl in a Gale and The Mothership Collective, promises a relaxing & eclectic afternoon of music. Recommended.

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    Summer of Sound

    Kew’s garden at Wakehurst has commissioned six striking sonic installations for you to lose yourself in this summer. Featuring the work of renowned artists Kathy Hinde, Marco Barotti, Birgit Õigus and Joe Acheson who each place their compositions, either natural or artificial, within the tranquil beauty of the Wakehurst woodland.

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    Darkside - Spiral

    Darkside’s latest album, Spiral is a thing of beauty from start to finish. Oozing experimental brilliance, and pushing the term 'genre defying' to new limits with its otherworldly harmonies and outstanding arrangements effortlessly held together with impeccable production and beautiful melodies, Spiral is 52 minutes well spent. Click below to listen.

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