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ditto is… celebrating our 10th birthday

May 16, 2019

Its ditto’s birthday! We are 10 years old today. May 16th 2009, our maiden voyage at The Roundhouse, Short Circuit Festival. Thanks to everyone that worked, collaborated, played and performed at our happenings, the Lighthouse studio, Campfire Storytelling, Sunrise Film Festival, Playworks Films, all the way to the FORA studio… not to mention all our […]

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What ditto are doing… tackling the problems in InsurTech

May 13, 2019

Legerity tackle the big problems in insurance tech – solving complex, cumbersome and processing heavy finance, risk and regulatory problems. They provide a third-generation leading-edge accounting rules platform that combines the latest advances in technology, data and application architectures. Legerity are ditto’s long-standing client since 2017, we have worked on several successful campaigns for this […]

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ditto is… investigating how innovation is transforming the insurance industry and implications for IFRS17 with Legerity

May 02, 2019

On Wednesday 15th May 2019, Legerity will be hosting their webinar focussing on ‘How Innovation is Transforming the Insurance Industry and the Implications for IFRS17’. Technology innovation is driving huge change across the insurance industry. From customer experience, AI, chatbots, machine learning, through to leveraging cloud computing. With the need to deliver IFRS17, now is […]

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