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    Women in Tech - Champions of Innovation

    Thursday 24th June – We are proud to be hosting a Special Women in Tech Campfire with three ground-breaking and influential women to hear first hand their technology journeys. Joining us are:

    • Shilpa Shah: Programme Director for Deloitte Delivery & Women in Technology Leader
    • Sarah McNabb: UK Market Advisor at Enterprise Ireland
    • Charlene Hunter: CEO & Founder of Coding Black Females

    We’ll discover what actions firms are taking to encourage more diverse, inclusive and successful technology workforces and get an insight into the programmes available to help females looking to found or work in tech firms.


    Upcoming Campfires:

    Available from 20th June
    Syria Refugee Appeal - To help the healing with War Child

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    We work with the sharpest and most exciting emerging technology firms producing campaigns and events all over the world. From Low-Code, AI and Blockchain to Open-Source and Grid Computing. Check the event calendar and come along. The more the merrier.

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    This week in...

    Greentech Festival

    Next week sees the 2021 Greentech Festival take place in Berlin. The three day festival of innovation in design for sustainability features conferences, exhibitions and awards as it welcomes a world wide audience both in person and online as the conversation continues throughout the year. You can find out more about this year's event and catch up on the previous here.

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    Gary Numan - Intruder Live

    A must for electronic music lovers everywhere will be this online concert from 80’s icon Gary Numan. With the original tour rescheduled for next year, this event coincides with the release of his well received new album Intruder.

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    Museum of Making

    Dovetailing seamlessly with last week’s Masterpieces in Miniature, Derbyshire’s revitalised Museum of Making has an exhibition focussing on the subject of scale, from the small and delicate, to the huge and powerful, it features items from the museums vast collection to chart the 300 year history of the regions manufacturing history.

    Eschewing the traditional methodology of curation, every item of the museum’s collection is on display, piled high from floor to ceiling, creating a sprawling curiosity shop for you to explore.

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    Mini Eclipse

    Celestial events, even the minor ones, are a thing of beauty and splendour, so tomorrow’s partial eclipse of the sun at 11.41 BST is one for the diary, and with the next total eclipse not until 2090 in Europe, probably not one to miss.

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    Every Duck Has His Day

    Today we celebrate everybody's favourite grumpy duck with National Donald Duck Day. As one of Walt Disney’s most famous creations, surely International Donald Duck cannot be too far away.

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