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    Culture Clasher – With Legendary DJ and Film-maker – Don Letts

    Thursday 26th August – Returning as our guest for his second Campfire, Don Letts – DJ, Broadcaster, Film-Maker, Musician and Social Commentator – has spent a lifetime defying conformity, infusing his unique style and attitude into his work on both sides of the lens as he lives up to his reputation as the ‘Rebel Dread’

    Don’s exceptional life has recently been captured in the book – There and Black Again – telling his story through his work with others and co-starring the likes of Joe Strummer, Bob Marley, Paul McCartney, Nelson Mandela and Chuck D. in this refreshing and eye-opening story of a man who has never been afraid to tread his own path.

    We invite you to join for what will be a fascinating look into the unexpected world of Don Letts that began alongside Rock Against Racism and continues as history repeats itself with Black Lives Matter.


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    Marathon des Sables

    With only a couple of weeks to go before the start of this year’s Marathon des Sables we caught up with Oliver Kemmis - CTO at ditto client ComitFS - to get a better idea of the reasons behind his, and brother Luke’s, decision to tackle the world’s most gruelling race and why they chose to run for Article 39, a charity helping support children’s rights in institutional settings. You can read more about their monumental endeavour and the story behind it.

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    MEND PIECE for London

    Mend Piece for London at the Whitechapel Gallery sends a powerful message in these increasingly fractured and divided times. The exhibition takes its inspiration from the Japanese tradition of kintsugi, where the act of repairing broken objects is celebrated as an important new part of its story. Free to all and under the inspiration and instruction of Yoko Ono. Get involved.

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    LOW - Hey What

    Reaching your 13th studio album is impressive by today's standards, an achievement reserved for either the superstars, the game players or for those who have chosen to simply take their own path and do that well. For those that know - LOW - are firmly the latter, slow and steady has won them a loyal fanbase and made them a festival fixture worldwide. Their latest - Hey What - on heavy rotation at ditto, is out now, take a listen.

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    Back to the Future

    What did the future of the driving experience look like in the 80’s?, well it would appear that TV futuristic and confusingly complicated were both on the brief. If you had told some of these UX designers that their cars would one day be driven by algorithms, guided by satellites and powered by the sun, what would their reaction have been?

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    On This Day

    As with most days there are many auspicious events of note and interest, recorded history has been marking anniversaries for centuries, the births - marriages - deaths, the wars - victories - defeats, from Penicillin to Super Mario Bros the list is long, but only one event accesses them all... registered on this day in 1997 google.com.

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