24th June 2021

Campfire Presents: Women in Tech - Champions of Innovation

We were proud to be hosting a Special Women in Tech Campfire with three ground-breaking and influential women to hear first hand their technology journeys. They highlighted the industry’s opportunities, challenges and potential rewards from an insider’s view of this rapidly changing business environment.

We were joined by:

  • Sarah McNabb: UK Market Advisor at Enterprise Ireland
  • Shilpa Shah: Programme Director for Deloitte Delivery & Women in Technology Leader
  • Charlene Hunter: CEO & Founder of Coding Black Females

Full Show Segments:

Full Show

We were delighted to host three influential Women in Tech leaders, to hear about their personal pathways in tech and take a look at innovative approaches to building diverse, inclusive and successful technology firms.

Hayley interviews Charlene Hunter

Charlene spoke to Hayley about who Coding Black Females are, and how they are creating more diverse teams within the tech industry.

Song 1 - Indie.Arie - ‘I am not my hair’

We asked each guest to choose their favourite motivational and uplifting song. To start off, Charlene picked “I am not my hair” by India Arie.

Hayley interviews Sarah McNabb

Sarah talked about the power of mentorship, and shared about the programmes Enterprise Ireland have to support female founders.

Song 2 - House Gospel Choir - 'Blind Faith'

Sarah’s choice was a very upbeat song – recorded and produced during the lockdown – “Blind Faith” from the House Gospel Choir.

Hayley interviews Shilpa Shah

Our final guest of the show, Shilpa Shah discussed how to attract and retain women in the workforce by utilising inclusive hybrid models of learning, and about how the rapid pace of technology is impacting the workplace.

Song 3 - Lizzo - 'Good as Hell'

Our final song of the evening was “Good as Hell” by Lizzo. A song for everyone’s summer playlist!

Panel Discussion with Charlene, Sarah & Shilpa

The panel discussion centred on current topics impacting women in tech, the power of communities and networks, and innovation to support women to thrive in the tech sector.


Keep up-to-date with Charlene, Sarah & Shilpa and their many ventures online: