24th June 2021

Voices for Refugee Week

ditto are proud to present this special edition of Campfire – “Voices”,  in support of World Refugee Week 2021. In the links below are videos of the interviews with our special guests. This is a project that has been close to our hearts at ditto, and we are honoured to be joined by guests working in different ways with refugees, areas of conflict, and sharing with us their personal and professional journeys. We are also excited to share with you our ongoing partnership with our friends at War Child. 

We were joined by:

  • Stephen Budd – Music industry executive, Africa Express, Amnesty International 
  • Jack Mason – New Partnerships Lead at War Child UK
  • Kafia Omar – Policy and Advocacy Adviser – War Child UK
  • Abed Hathot – Composer, producer and co-founder of Palestine Music Expo

Listen to what they had to say below.

Presenting our Special Campfire Voices:

Voices - Stephen Budd

Stephen Budd’s career in the music industry has seen him involved in almost every aspect of the business from a roady to managing some of the world’s leading recording artists. We chat about his involvement with Africa Express, Amnesty International, NH7 Weekender and the many charities and events he has helped to raise awareness, funding and showcase amazing talent from across the globe.

Voices - Kafia Omar

Kafia Omar’s personal journey began as a refugee from Somalia settling in the UK. Having studied law she wanted to work in the field of human rights and creating changes in policies at the highest levels for the most vulnerable. Following a spell in Uganda helping Sudanese and Somalian refugees she returned to the UK to begin her work with War Child helping them lobby for policy change.

Voices - Jack Mason

Jack Mason’s charity work began teaching in India. He returned to the UK and was drawn to working for War Child and their commitment to help the 260 million children affected by conflict around the world. As Business Partnership lead his work involves finding new ways for the private sector to get involved to help fund and support the vital work they do.

Voices - Abed Hathot

Abed Hathot is originally from the West Bank and now resides in Los Angeles. His career as a musician and composer has progressed into the world of production and it is from here that his involvement in co-founding the Palestine Music Expo began. He has a passion for the diverse and incredible talent that the region has to offer and the Expo has introduced this to new and engaged audiences worldwide.

Voices - Full Show

In the show we hear from four different voices whose work and experiences help shine a light on the innovative projects people are creating to effect change, how the 1% for Change programme can help support charities by allowing them to look to the future confident that they can deliver and also to look at why they have chosen to use their skills to help others.

A Soldier's House - Silver Moon

The final segment for the show is the video for A Soldier’s House by ditto house band Silver Moon, written by Aidan Casserly and Mike Wilson. This is the song that has inspired ditto’s involvement in this year’s refugee appeal and in turn our ongoing partnership with War Child.

Voices Playlist

In true Campfire tradition, we asked each of our guests to choose three songs they'd love to see collated into a playlist for viewers to listen to. Take a look at what they chose:

1% for Change

We are donating 1% of our profits each month to War Child and are encouraging other companies to do the same and be that 1% for change.