Financial market firms have an increasing and urgent demand to radically reimagine their business across automation, transformation & regulation. Genesis’ Next-Gen Low / No Code Platform is helping firms take a new approach to deliver the innovation at pace that’s required.

Facing fines, rising costs, risks and a legacy technology stack, Financial Markets firms are struggling to delivery IT fast enough. Weighed down with legacy estates, contracting budgets, and a severe skills shortage, these firms are exposed to regulatory fines, increasing operational costs, and a technology stack that is expensive to maintain and change.

New fintech companies are growing rapidly, with speed to innovation helping to define today’s winners in financial services. As such, firms need solutions for the ‘post-digital’ age. Low / No-Code is that solution.

Built for and native to Financial Markets, Genesis’ Low / No-Code platform allows you to develop IT 5x faster, allowing you to deliver transformation in weeks, not years. 

  •  Reduces work effort by more than 80%
  • Supports high complexity financial markets use cases
  • Reduces operational cost and risks


“Low-code application development will be responsible for more than 70% of application development activity by 2025.” – Gartner


“Low-Code / No-Code help enterprise get to market faster, cheaper, and with an order of magnitude better product.” Andrei Brasoveanu – Partner Accel

To learn more, join Genesis for their Low / No-Code festival on June 29th & 30th. Hear LIVE talks from leading finance, tech and investment leaders. Explore hours of ON-DEMAND Low / No-Code content and join virtual breakout zones to meet the experts behind the technology.