“Imagine. Create. Deliver.” is our theme for the second half of 2021. 

We’ve been thrilled to reach our goal of launching a brand new ditto.tv website to show off our client work, Campfire – our ever growing cultural side, and exciting upcoming projects. Big thank you to Jess Black and her design team for their excellent work.

In other updates: we have a bold programme of work, in line with our “Imagine. Create. Deliver.” theme to carry us through the rest of 2021. Our growth stage clients are gaining traction globally. ditto has been growing at a rate of knots, thus far already producing five Campfire events with high calibre guests in the worlds of music, women in tech, and carbon neutrality. 

In addition, for our clients: we’ve produced five Genesis Low-Code Expos, and have an upcoming two day Low-Code / No-Code Festival at the end of June for Genesis. We’ve also had two Pay21 Baton Systems shows, a digital event dedicated to transforming payments and collateral management. 

We started releasing a weekly Campfire Newsletter containing interesting Tech, Art & Cultural updates and happenings that have caught our attention. And earlier this year, we re-released our ditto tracks page – featuring a selection of musical works and the (much-loved) ditto Spotify Playlist. We also created a dedicated Campfire page with information about all the upcoming shows.

A very busy first half year for us!

Our shows are available to view and watch on-demand anytime. If anything catches your eye, please let us know your feedback! Enjoy.