Lyreco made history yesterday with the record-breaking launch of its Refresh & Revive campaign. Bringing hundreds of people together to give their Thumbs Up Together, the unique online event was an ideal way to introduce Lyreco’s new wellness hub dedicated to employee health and well-being.

Making history with Thumbs Up Together

The Refresh & Revive launch was a huge success. And the showpiece moment came when people from around the world came together to set a brand new Guinness World Records title for online positivity.

As part of an official Guinness World Records title attempt, everyone at the event gave their Thumbs Up Together at the same time to put Lyreco in the history books. The celebrations were well-deserved. It was amazing to see so many people participate and show their support for improved workplace well-being.

Celebrating a successful launch event

Despite the jubilation and positivity around the new Guinness World Records title, this was far from the only highlight of the event. The show opened with an hour-long special on how to create better, more productive working environments.

We enjoyed a mixture of pre-recorded footage and live studio segments as the experts from Lyreco (and partner Fellowes) shared their advice and top tips. From workspace assessments to the benefits of ergonomics, viewers gained plenty of insight into how their firms can improve employee health and wellbeing – whether people are at the office or working from home.

Then, after our Guinness World Records title attempt, we got to experience a unique live set from legendary DJ Norman Jay MBE. Bringing the positive vibes with his Good Times Sound System, it was the perfect way to round off the event and celebrate our record-breaking success.

Improving workplace well-being through digital events

The Refresh & Revive launch party is just the first of a series of events focused on employee health and well-being as Lyreco rolls Refresh & Revive out across the UK – with a global launch to come later.

After producing and directing the launch party (as well as creating messaging and collateral for the campaign), ditto will work closely with Lyreco to develop the concepts for the future shows.

Discover the wellness hub and the launch event, here.