According to the ONS, almost one in four UK employees are now working exclusively from home. Remote working has again become a hot topic for firms; and just at the point where many were working their way back to the office. 

So, the second event in Lyreco’s Refresh & Revive Virtual Roadshow series was a timely one, hosting a live working from home special.

Delivering expert insight around workplace well-being

Broadcast live on October 22nd, the second show in the series explored some of the key topics around workplace well-being – including DSE assessments and ergonomics. It brought together experts from Lyreco, Fellowes, the Ergonomic Cafe and special guests from product design experts Kensington.

First to deliver his insight was Nick Revell, European Product Manager for Kensington. He highlighted the challenges that companies face in adapting their workspaces to support comfort and productivity. He then introduced the SmartFit system – an ergonomic solution based on research initially done by the US Army.

Demonstrating the impact of ergonomics on wellness

Ergonomics featured prominently throughout the interviews with our expert panel. John Andrews, Managing Director of Ergonomic Cafe, explored how portability is a critical element in making sure people moving between home and the office are able to create a comfortable workspace wherever they are.

Jules Yates, Brand Account Manager for ACCO, then took us on a tour of her home working set-up. This showed just how much impact ergonomics can have; even in the smallest of spaces.

Sharing the small actions that make a big difference

The show provided viewers with a range of practical advice and top tips on how to improve well-being in their workplaces. Katharine Metters, Lead Consultant for Fellowes took us through a short demo of a workspace assessment – highlighting the common issues that workers face.

We also enjoyed a demonstration of some simple exercises to get people up and moving throughout the working day. Victoria Stapley, Brands Trade Marketing Manager for ACCO, showed us a series of stretches suitable for anyone to do at their desk.

Bringing back the commute (virtually)

One of the stand-out insights of the show came from Andy Burnett, Head of Category for UK & Ireland. Explaining the impact long-term working from home can have on people’s mental well-being, he encouraged people to commit to a daily Virtual Commute – reclaiming time for ourselves in the morning and evening.

There was also a firm focus on health and mindfulness. Aventi’s Michael McCaffrey delivered expert advice on nutrition to boost people’s immune systems with Winter on its way. He then closed out the show with a relaxing sound healing session, offering new ways for teams to refocus their mental energy during the working day.

You can watch all the highlights from the second Refresh & Revive show at

The Refresh & Revive Virtual Roadshow is a series of live events that support Lyreco’s Refresh & Revive campaign for improved employee health and well-being.

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