Campfire is back with a brand-new show! On October 22nd, we launched Meet The Creators; a monthly session to chat design, video, animation and all things creative.

The first episode set the template for this new live digital show. Built around discussions with four special guests, it offered an opportunity to explore new ideas and share some of the creative projects we’ve worked on recently.

Discussing design with Malcom Garrett MBE

Our star guest this month was Malcolm Garrett MBE, one of Britain’s best-known graphic designers and the Co-Founder of Design Manchester. 

He began by discussing the history behind some of his most famous work; exploring the designs he created for music artists like Simple Minds, Magazine, Duran Duran, Peter Gabriel and Buzzcocks.

Taking us beyond the music industry, Malcolm also provided insight into the major campaigns he has worked on as Creative Director of Images&Co. From creating a visual border for the UK at airports to drawing up walking maps of London, it was fascinating to hear his approach to creative problem solving.

Making history with Andy Burnett from Lyreco

Next up, we welcomed Andy Burnett, Head of Category for Lyreco UK & Ireland, to the show. He joined us to discuss the launch of ‘Refresh & Revive’, a new UK B2B campaign for Lyreco built around employee health and well-being.

Alongside sharing some of the creative output, Andy explored how the campaign has given Lyreco the ability to build credibility in a competitive space. 

The discussion also gave us the chance to highlight one of the more exciting moments of the campaign – the launch event that saw Lyreco set a new Guinness World Records title for online positivity.

Building digital communities with Sam Shrager

As well as exploring the creative process beyond effective content, we delved into the next step in the journey – how you share your work with the world.

To discuss this, we talked to Sam Shrager, Head of Marketing for BCB Group (who you may remember from episode two of our Meet The Marketeers podcast). She explained the impact that community building can have on audience engagement for businesses large and small.

Sam especially highlighted the importance of building communities organically over time, emphasising how they can become a powerful marketing channel for any firm.

Creating new brand identities with Sam Guilding

Our final guest on the show was Sam Guilding, Marketing Manager for Millennium Consulting. Joining us to discuss the brand refresh she has worked on with the ditto team over the summer, she gave us a whirlwind tour of Millennium’s new website, visual identity and messaging.

Sam also discussed the importance of brand consistency and why branding needs to remain current to accurately showcase a firm’s capabilities.

You can now watch the entire first episode of Meet The Creators on-demand, here.

Designed for anyone in marketing, sales, emerging tech or simply those interested in all things creative, Meet The Creators is a monthly show that gives you a shot of inspiration and explores new ideas.

We’ll be back with another live edition of Meet The Creators on November 19th. Watch this space for further info and special guest announcements.