Campfire’s second Meet The Creators digital show went live on November 19th. Featuring interviews with three special guests, it was a fascinating exploration of creativity in art, music and digital marketing. Meet our panel of creators and check out the video highlights below.

Inspiring passion for creativity with Justin Robertson

Our headline act this month was Justin Robertson, the legendary British DJ, producer and artist. A tireless creator, he took us on a whirlwind journey through his groundbreaking, multi-disciplinary career (something he sees as more a series of ‘chaotic events’ than a journey with a plan).

From his time running the Spice and Most Excellent clubs to touring with Lionrock, Justin highlighted the need to keep learning. The key to creativity for him is letting inspiration in and channelling your passion into making something that is as good as you can make it. 

He also talked about his desire to keep adding to the conversation as a fan of music, art and literature – and how this drives his need to find new ways to communicate, in new languages and new mediums.

Turning brands into broadcasters with Felipe Oliveira

Next up, we welcomed Felipe Oliveira, Head of Sales & Marketing for Genesis Global, to the show. He joined us to explore how brands are becoming broadcasters to reach new audiences – and how Genesis has already achieved this with its innovative Low-Code Expo.

He discussed how their plans for 2020 had changed massively, but that Genesis still needed an engaging way to explain their technology. Sharing examples from the Expo campaign, Felipe demonstrated how firms can create focused content that cuts through the noise and engage with a diverse audience inundated with webinars and other digital media.

Exploring creative evolution with Jeremy Wood

We were also joined by Jeremy Wood, the CEO & Founder of Legerity, who showed us how the firm’s creative and messaging has evolved over the years to meet shifting customer needs.

Highlighting how Legerity’s approach has grown bolder, Jeremy explored how this has made a big difference to them – especially when working to make complex accounting regulations like IFRS17 simple for customers to understand and implement.

You can now watch the entire second episode of Meet The Creators on-demand, here.

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