Taking place on November 25th, the fifth genesis EXPO focused on how Low-Code application platforms (LCAPs) are providing businesses with the tools to dramatically accelerate the development process and transform their IT delivery.

This month, the genesis team was joined by special guests Symphony, the specialists in delivering enterprise-grade collaboration tools for financial markets firms.

See the video highlights from the latest Low-Code EXPO:

Company Update from Stephen Murphy

The show kicked off with Stephen Murphy, CEO & Co-Founder, giving an update on the latest developments at genesis and across the market. 

Stephen highlighted the success that genesis has enjoyed in the last 12 months, continuing its growth journey and winning a range of geographically diverse clients. He also highlighted the importance of strategic partnerships to genesis; including the one with special guests Symphony.

LCAP Upload with Jay Taylerson

Following this, Jay Taylerson, Vice President of Product Development for genesis joined the show for the LCAP Upload section.

Jay demonstrated the tooling that sits behind the genesis LCAP, showing how it drives increased productivity, reduced time to market, a reduced need for specialist skills and a simplification of the software delivery process.

LCAP Download with Brad Levy of Symphony

The special guest for this month’s EXPO was Brad Levy, President & Chief Commercial Officer of Symphony. He joined Felipe Oliveira, Head of Sales & Marketing for genesis, to discuss the changing nature of Financial Markets and the impact that technology is having on collaboration across the industry.

A key insight from this conversation was the idea of firms going beyond their use of technology to keep up with the competition or scale. Brad emphasised the need for businesses to leverage the technology they have – especially using data and open source as digital assets.

He also commented on the current state of collaboration, exploring how technology is not the end goal in itself. For him, it is important for firms to see it as a way to enable change in many areas across their business.

LCAP In Action with Shruti Agarwal

Joining the In Action section of this month’s EXPO, Shruti Agarwal, Senior Business Analyst and Project Manager, took us through the process of working with genesis to create bespoke new applications designed for financial markets.

Covering the five phases of the project lifecycle (Discovery, Solution Fit, Specify, Develop and Deploy), Shruti highlighted how a flexible approach is vital in avoiding ‘analysis paralysis’ and accelerating IT delivery.

A smart, creative approach to live B2B events

The Low Code EXPO 2020, delivered by genesis and ditto, is a dynamic six-month programme of live digital events. 

Broadcast live from London, New York and Miami, each monthly show is set to feature interviews, use cases, demos and discussion from Sell-Side, Buy-Side, Asset Managers and Venues.

Designed to seamlessly switch between live studio segments and pre-recorded footage, EXPO 2020 moves away from the traditional static view of a webinar to deliver the experience of live TV.

Watch the full fifth episode of the genesis Low Code EXPO 2020, here. You can also sign up for the next instalment on December 16th 9am EST / 2pm GMT, here.