In this week’s session, the team gathered to discuss what had been the source of our inspiration. We were joined by the newest member of the ditto team – Jess, who is our new Junior Designer.

The common theme that fed through the session was video. We had a video game trailer that had taken criticism and remodelled itself, a PwC video which fused together live action with animation and a thought-provoking video on plastic pollution within Columbia. The dangers of plastic were further represented in an image of a cigarette box which highlighted the recent plastic ban. Our focus then moved toward marketing – a blog post shared what makes good copywriting, an article looking at Ant Financial’s dominance within China, the potential of inventive business cards, an article that confirmed the benefits of consistency within marketing and Edward Bernays experimental take on PR and fascinating existence. Concluding the session, we looked at a website that combined creative navigation and display.




  • The link between the cigarette box and plastic is reminiscent of when the tobacco industry became much stricter – two different dying consumer goods
  • No Mans Sky Next trailer originally didn’t meet expectations, following criticism they significantly improved, confirming the importance of sticking to a project and overcoming challenge
  • Branding Agency, Bear Ideas, incorporated uncommon and engaging features within their website which leaves a lasting impression
  • An article which explored the use of creative business cards raised questions of how they could be used within the corporate industry
  • The Wall Street Journal posted an article on Ant Financial’s remarkable growth and domination within China
  • PwC’s IFRS 17 video which combined live action and animation offered a unique visual experience
  • Edward Bernays’ discovery of PR and how it has evolved over time
  • The marketing platform, Articulate, posted an article that shared what makes good copywriting
  • Conceptos Plásticos, a plastic pollution project in Columbia, created an inspiring and captivating video to promote the campaign


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