ditto is continuing with our creative sessions, which give the team an opportunity to share their inspirations from the past week.

In this week’s discussion, we looked at an immersive video of a live hologram presentation from BMW; a 3D model of Rabobank’s infrastructure which highlighted the technological complexities; the possibilities of strengthening SEO and our PR through content marketing platforms; a TED talk podcast sharing the psychology behind how we learn; an unusual and distinctive fashion show and installation; the Keeping up with the Bakers campaign from Ted Baker which used highly stylised, thematic clips to showcase a new collection; and an article looking at the positive effects exercise has on the mind, body and soul!

  • BMW promoted the launch of the new Roadster i8 by fusing together the physical and digital into a live, captivating hologram
  • Rabobank physicalised their company infrastructure with a 3D model
  • Platforms such as BuzzStream combined with a focus on SEO can help to us widen our network
  • TED talk podcast details the science behind learning
  • Iris Van Herpen presents her Syntopia collection at Paris Haute Couture show alongside a kinetic light installation
  • Ted Baker explores new ways to engage with consumers within the Fashion industry
  • The Guardian produced an article exploring the internal benefits of exercise

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