The team at ditto sat down again this week for our Mid-week Motivation, where we shared and discussed our inspirations. This session was slightly different, as we were joined by a new member of the team, Joe, who is moving to our Dublin office in September.

In this week’s session, we looked at ‘Cockpit Confidential’, a book written by an ex-pilot who shares the human aspects of the airline industry, an interactive, animated presentation website, a creative agency’s website which was unusual and non-conventional in style, Cadbury’s adverts from the 1980s and its iconic mark within advertising, the book ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ which analyses the two modes of thought and how this can impact how we understand the needs of clients, a feature from ‘The Design of Everyday Things’ which explored simulating colour blindness, a German supermarket’s campaign that highlighted the importance of diversity and internationality and marketing platform, Crayon – a useful tool to track and monitor competitors within your industry.


  • Cockpit Confidential’ offers a personal, relatable depiction of planes, airports and pilots – the key takeaway being that complicated subject matter can often be understood best when articulated in a simpler form
  • Relayto is a website which enables you to create animated slides with video in an interactive, engaging way
  • Leg Work are a creative agency and their website is both unique and intriguing due to the use of animation, an interesting navigation and eye-catching visuals
  • Cadbury’s now vintage-looking adverts remind us that simplicity can be memorable and still holds value in modern society
  • ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ looks at the two modes of thought, instinctual and calculative and how those intertwine
  • Colblindor allows people to view the world through the lens of someone who is colour blind which can be a useful way to understand colour choice
  • A German supermarket created global conversation around the significance and benefits of diversity by removing all foods from other countries – which left the shelves bare
  • Crayon is a useful tool through which companies can understand their competitors and draw inspiration for their own work


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