The ditto team sat down on the 21st June to share what had inspired us most over the past week.

These new weekly sessions were implemented to inject new thinking and creativity. As we move into Summer, ditto is speeding up and continuing to produce imaginative, engaging work. One of the key purposes of these sessions is to enable the team to put forward potential ideas and inspire each other. There was a huge variety of material shared, from literature and imagery, to animation and events.

ditto will continue to organise these weekly sessions to share inspiration, motivate the team and strengthen our ability to remain at the forefront of innovation.

Our Managing Director and Head of Editorial, Vincent Kelly, talked about three books, one of them, titled Flash Boys, he felt would be particularly useful to the group due to its accessibility and depiction of the volatility within the financial industry.

Our senior designer, Gavin, wanted to share a website he found that had a unique layout and navigation:

Our CEO, Mike Wilson, was thrilled to see one of our previous projects with Cboe on the Financial Times website.

Our Creative assistant, Kat, put together a collage of poster imagery.

You can view our work here.

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