Over the past five weeks, ditto have been hosting weekly mid-week motivation sessions. Corresponding articles that explain everything that’s been shared and discussed can all be found on our website. Integrating these sessions within our week has helped to spark conversation and encourage new ways of thinking – which is central to the work we do.

Collectively, ditto have decided to invest a day exploring all that London has to offer: the cultural, artistic and historic landmarks that so many of us pass by every day. The itinerary ranges from the traditional, through to abstract, contemporary art – housed in a range of different museums, galleries, installations and exhibitions. At ditto we feel it is important to invest time in widening your creative scope and with London on our doorstep, we are in the perfect position to do so. Our aim is to balance our client-focused work, with the cutting edge of the creative world – to create a perfect equilibrium.

There will be further updates following the day, where we’ll share our highlights of what we got up to.

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