ditto Intern Diary – 3

Hiya, Rory and Eleanor again, taking you behind-the-scenes of our work at ditto!

This week we conducted some market research for a client based in the US. They’re a conscious business development practice, helping businesses fuel their next stage of growth by offering techniques and methodologies at every level of the organisation to foster a more productive work environment.

We were tasked with taking a snapshot of their market landscape, split equally between the US and UK, ahead of a discovery session: from their competition to publications, events, associations and digital forums.

Our research was presented to the client in the discovery session and was positively received; the research helped identify several challenges and opportunities. One clear issue we highlighted was the need to clearly differentiate their business – and ensure that prospective customers do not mistake them for ‘Executive Coaching’ or ‘Enterprise Wellness’ offerings. This client has a range of services that streamline procedures and the work environment, so that employees feel empowered to change, creating a more productive business, and finally offering tangible results.

And that’s a peek into our week! Hope you enjoyed.

Rory & Eleanor