ditto developed a suite of sales tools for early-stage financial technology firm and service provider Duco, that enabled them to bring their new offering, Duco Cube, to market. We produced messaging frameworks for specific target audiences: Operations, Technology, Risk & Control and the C-suite. This informed web copy, brochureware and video scripts, all hosted in a ditto-developed media library within their existing online channel.

Duco sought to demonstrate the new product’s power, flexibility and intuitive user interface, and had initially requested a series of online Webinars. However, they also needed to minimise the inherent risks involved with any live broadcast, and to maximise the viewer’s experience and production quality.

ditto produced a suite of videos where senior Duco stakeholders demonstrated Duco Cube’s value proposition to specific audiences, employing broadcast-quality film equipment to ensure the highest standards. These pre-recorded assets eliminate the risk of error compared to traditional online Webinars, yet can be introduced on a call and followed by a live Q&A to ensure that each session remains a unique and fresh experience.

Click here to visit Duco’s ditto-developed media library.