IPC, the market-leading provider of specialised communication solutions to the financial trading community, has just activated a ditto-developed microsite for Unigy, their new communication integration platform. The channel is the latest product of a long-standing relationship between IPC and ditto, and demonstrates how Unigy can transform and deliver additional value across financial institutions’ voice and electronic communication estates.

The microsite articulates Unigy’s value proposition across four messaging verticals: two based on Collaboration (inbound with counterparties and internally within the organisation) and two based on Support (driving operational and technology efficiencies, and facilitating comprehensive Business Continuity Planning). Each storyworld leverages an integrated suite of communication assets: sales and marketing messaging, an engaging product video, a stylish downloadable pdf factsheet, and user testimonial. This approach ensures that visitors to the site can identify and access content that is directly applicable to their roles and responsibilities, quickly and easily.

The channel also includes a dynamic ROI calculator and downloadable brochure download, making an even more compelling case for the benefits of adopting Unigy. The calculator provides accurate cost-saving projections, based on specific inputs based on the costs of firms’ client support services, real estate, MAC / leavers and joiners, operational risk and the revenue generation. These inputs are used to provide an accurate and real-time view into the savings Unigy drives within these five fields.

Click here to visit the Unigy microsite