BATS-Market-Data-Advert-V2-200215-01As part of our ongoing relationship with BATS Chi-X, the financial market’s leading pan-European exchange, we developed an eye-catching print advert for their new market data offering. The campaign was to be activated across a range of printed and digital trade press publications.

ditto developed a creative and visual metaphor based on space as the final frontier. Just as the first astronauts returned to earth with reams of data from the earliest mission to the stars, in adapting to big data financial institutions can often find themselves with an overwhelming amount of content to sort through. BATS’ market data offering enables these firms to make sense of the signal, and sift valuable insight from their information.


This creative concept was developed further into a movie poster style. As this visual ‘template’ is frequently used to introduce new (film) offerings to the market, it provided the opportunity to launch this financial technology offering in a playful way – differentiating the service from the competition.

As the campaign was activated across the selected channels, ditto enabled BATS to make a clear and measurable impression on the market: engaging a targeted audience with relevant content delivered through an accessible visual style and use of metaphor.

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