In 2012 ditto was engaged by Thomson Reuters to design and build an online channel for their Pricing and Reference Data community. The website was to be a dedicated resource for the latest relevant PRD news, information and insight, as well as an exclusive forum for market professionals, thought leaders and decision-makers from across the industry. Following a well-received launch and high uptake across the market, Thomson Reuters continued to invest in the channel’s success with frequent updates and additions to the site’s rich media assets.

Thomson Reuters re-engaged us at the start of 2015 to optimise the user experience, and to make three years of arresting content more accessible to visitors. ditto worked to align the channel with Thomson Reuters’ ambitious vision for community engagement across 2015. By making it easier and more intuitive to find arresting and relevant content, we ensured that the PRD Community channel remained a core part of Thomson Reuters’ relationship with the financial markets, sitting at the heart of participants’ insight networks.

Click here to visit the new Thomson Reuters Pricing and Reference Data Community channel.