In September 2014 FSL, the market-leading provider of specialist investment tax solutions, went live with a new ditto-designed website and brand identity. This was the first part of a two-phase engagement: reinvigorating the company’s branding and channel, and then developing detailed product and service-level content for each of the company’s offerings. ditto re-engaged with FSL in March 2014, and the resulting assets have just been activated on

In collaboration with FSL’s management team and senior stakeholders, ditto produced compelling and informative content for each offering within the Products and Services verticals. This was developed into arresting webcopy, stylish factsheet downloads and, in the case of FSL’s flagship offering CGiX, an animated video overview. Each of these assets leveraged the phase one creative concept, ‘The Arts’, throughout the design and content to ensure consistency with the existing channel. FSL’s work on behalf of the Bethany School in Ethiopia was highlighted with a dedicated CSR page, and the homepage was redesigned to improve the user journey and enable visitors to find relevant material quickly, easily and intuitively.

Additionally, ditto built a fully search-enabled Resource library into the channel – a single repository for all the downloadable content available across the site, with a password protected section for sensitive material. This enables FSL to have two different but simultaneous conversations with the market. Potential leads can access sales and marketing collateral, such as factsheets and brochures, as part of their vendor discovery process. At the same time, existing customers can leverage detailed and confidential material, including product enhancement logs, to stay up-to-date with technical developments and gain a deeper understanding of the services they are using.

Click here to visit the refreshed FSL website.