We all know that digital marketing is fast becoming a more cost effective and measurable way of engaging a target audience, but business is still a people thing, and sometimes there is simply no substitute for a face-to-face.

ditto designed and fabricated a suite of physical sales collateral for Duco, an early-stage financial service provider and technology firm, in support of their field marketing activities. This included a striking and easy-to-assemble trade show stand, and a folded pamphlet that serves as an alternative to the traditional A4 fact sheet. Standing out from the crowd doesn’t always have to be a risky proposition, and a little ‘outside the box’ thinking helped transform this asset from just another discarded print-off into a proven conversation-starter and part of sales pipeline creation.

ditto also developed the full suite of digital sales and marketing assets for Duco, including two webinar-style video presentations, a suite of compelling role-based messaging and a brochure, all housed within a dedicated media library on the existing Duco website. By combining these established digital marketing techniques with an engaging approach towards physical event collateral, ditto enabled Duco to capture their audience’s attention, deliver their message with impact and provoke a measurable response – both in terms of digital lead generated, and conversations started in the room.

Click here to view Duco’s full suite of ditto-developed assets online.