To say that 2020 has been a challenging year for those producing live B2B events would be something of an understatement. With the sudden shift to remote working, firms everywhere have taken their expert panels, their shows and their conferences digital.

As we look towards 2021, it’s not about ‘if’ you pivot to virtual events; it’s about ‘how’ you deliver them.

This is backed up by the fact that nearly a quarter of organisations that decided against running virtual events in 2020 did so because they felt they couldn’t provide the same value as they could in person.

It shows that you can’t simply take an event online and hope your audience will still show up. You have to create something that gives them a good reason to be there. 

This is especially true when fatigue is a major barrier to online event attendance. Roughly four in ten firms say the high number of online calls, meetings and events people are currently taking part in makes it difficult to attract registrants.

So, how can you overcome webinar fatigue in 2021? From multi-day programmes to live TV streams, below are some of our favourite digital events that we’ve produced in the the last year:

1. Genesis Low-Code EXPO 2020

The hot topic of the moment, Low-Code is the technology transforming financial markets.

Genesis needed a way to cut through the noise and share its latest Low-Code Application Platform (LCAP) updates, developments and customer use cases with the world. 

So, we worked with the Genesis team to create a multi-media campaign and a new way to engage with global customers – the Low-Code EXPO 2020. Streaming live across YouTube and LinkedIn each month, the Low-Code EXPO is a one-hour TV show that goes way beyond the traditional webinar to create an immersive virtual experience.

The 2020 EXPO series featured six shows, combining animations with live virtual demonstrations and client interviews. With more EXPO streams planned for 2021, it shows that audiences are keen to engage with virtual events that go beyond the webinar to deliver dynamic and interesting content.

2. Lyreco’s Refresh & Revive Virtual Roadshow

Even before lockdown began, Lyreco was looking to engage in a conversation around the importance of well-being and mental health – emphasising the need for firms to improve their working environments through DSE assessments and ergonomics. 

All of this was amplified by teams suddenly finding themselves working from home. So, we created Refresh & Revive – a multi-platform campaign built around an online Wellness Hub and the Virtual Roadshow series of live events.

Featuring a combination of pre-recorded and live segments, it gave Lyreco and its partners (including Fellowes) an interactive and on-demand platform for sharing expert advice and top tips around workplace well-being. It all kicked off with a flagship launch event centred around setting the first Guinness World Record for online positivity – giving a Thumbs Up Together – followed by a unique live set from Norman Jay MBE!

3. TechCity Connect

Back in May, businesses and individuals everywhere were swiftly adapting to the need to work remotely – and our industry-leading clients needed a new way to attract and engage a B2B audience entirely in a digital space.

So, we created TechCity Connect – a day-long digital event that brought together 42 firms, combining Fintech start-ups with some of the biggest brands in technology and finance. This featured 12 back-to-back live virtual sessions (including webinars, roundtables and panel discussions), covering a varied programme of content focused on tech, art and culture.

Attracting 2,500 attendees across the 12 virtual sessions, TechCity Connect highlighted the demand for digital events that offer a more immersive experience than your average webinar.

4. Meet The Disruptors

With markets changing and firms realising that remote working was set to stay, our clients were adapting their marketing strategies to help them keep selling when they couldn’t be in the room. They needed a platform for connecting with customers, sharing use cases and generating leads digitally and remotely.

Following the success of TechCity Connect, we created Meet The Disruptors – bringing four ‘Disruptors’ together for two days of free digital events. This saw us produce, moderate and deliver 16 live virtual sessions designed to give our clients the space to demonstrate how they could solve customer problems and showcase their technology in action.

We also produced a series of cultural Meet The Author and Meet The Artist sessions as part of more than 12 hours of live-streamed content.

5. Campfire: Silver Moon presents Music, Art & Film

It might seem strange to include an event that hasn’t happened yet, but the last Campfire of 2020 is set to be something special. Combining music, art and film, it’ll demonstrate the ambition we have to create immersive live experiences at a time when people can’t be in the room.

The show will feature the live debut of Irish synth duo Silver Moon. Our founder Mike and his musical partner Aidan Casserly (aka Silver Moon) will perform a selection of songs from their debut album ‘Empty Rooms’.

We’ll delve into the artwork behind the band, with photographer and filmmaker Daren Cox also screening a world premiere of his beautiful short film created specially for the song Winter On Earth. It’s not to be missed!

Watch a preview of live track ‘Flames’ from the Silver Moon Sessions:

We’ll be back with more dynamic digital shows in 2021. Stay up-to-date with all the latest ditto events and get in touch to find out how we can help you deliver the virtual events your audience want: