Ahead of their live performance at Campfire on 17th December, Silver Moon has released a sneak preview of three live tracks from its debut album, ‘Empty Rooms’.

Featuring the songs ‘Flames’, ‘Luminous’ and ‘Shadows’, the recorded live videos come from the Silver Moon Sessions – giving us a taste of what to expect from the Irish synth duo’s live debut later this month.


The first single off the Empty Rooms album, Flames is a four-to-the-floor, full-throttle blast of indie disco. It boasts a swashbuckling, hooky bass line that tips a hat to New Order, a soaring chorus and a layer of synths that’s got more than a bang of The Killers.

Silver Moon released the track as a radio edit alongside an extended ‘Disco Inferno Mix’ on BandCamp last month. Electricity Club, in its review of Empty Rooms, described Flames as sounding “like the more six string driven aspects of New Order, as if recorded in an art school in Nashville.”

As vocalist Aidan Casserly says: “It’s layering and building, almost like the combustion of flames in a fire, which really hit a mark with me. It reminded me of the early passionate throes of a relationship. The obsession of which makes you question yourself and drives you forward.”

Check out the Silver Moon Sessions version of Flames:


Luminous is a song about light and hope against a backdrop of insurmountable obstacles. It’s a track that weaves into your head from the start – and is full of light, bravado and beauty. The rhythm of the music and the chords demand attention from the listener.

“The syncopated rhythms are really a great vehicle for the vocal melodies,” says Aidan. “And the chorus has me at the top of my vocal range, which gives it a youthful and heartfelt yearning.”

Particularly of interest to Aidan himself is the track’s blend between spoken and sung verses. “Originally, I sang it straight through, but Mike had a great idea for introducing a spoken element to the song,” he says. “I love great ideas and never shy away from the challenge of one.”


Shadows is a Billie Holiday inspired track that brings a sense of heartache to Empty Rooms.

“The chords to this song were ones that Mike had for many, many years,” says Aidan. “And, in the right context and right hands, their beauty was given a voice and a base. There’s a timeless quality to them. That fine line between night and day, black and white. The shadows of the heart laid bare. It all lies within this song.”

Check out the Silver Moon Sessions version of Shadows:

Silver Moon – streaming live, only at Campfire

Silver Moon are the duo of Aidan Casserly (vocals) and Mike Wilson (music). Drawing from diverse musical and artistic influences, they fuse 80s synths, Scott Walker drama, Ennio Morricone melody and sizzling electro pop.

They’ll make their live debut as part of a special digital edition of Campfire on 17th December. Join us for an exploration of music, art and film as we wrap up 2020 with a unique Christmas party that’s very much a ditto family affair.

See Silver Moon Presents: Music, Art & Film live at Campfire on 17th December from 5-6pm GMT