On the 17th December, we’re putting on a special live edition of Campfire. Exploring the music, art and film of Irish synth duo Silver Moon, we’ll wrap up 2020 with a unique Christmas party that’s very much a ditto family affair.

Unwrapping the Campfire Christmas special

The show will combine the mediums of music, art and film. Our founder Mike and his musical partner Aidan Casserly (aka Silver Moon) will perform live, playing a selection of songs from their debut album ‘Empty Rooms’.

We’ll delve into the art and design behind the music with our Head of Design, Jess Black, and Designer, Jess Migliore. They’ll reveal the creative process behind the look, feel and aesthetic for the project.

Photographer and filmmaker Daren Cox will also screen a world premiere of his beautiful short film created specially for the song Winter On Earth. As well as sharing this expansive cinematic journey through Cornwall’s coast, he’ll chat to us about his work and what inspires him.

Creating musical journeys with Silver Moon

Silver Moon are the duo of Aidan Casserly (vocals) and Mike Wilson (music). Inspired by the likes of Kraftwerk, Heaven 17, Lou Reed, Ennio Morricone and many, many more, they produce beautifully crafted songs on love and life, all with a sense of poetry and theatre.

The live performance at ditto’s Campfire follows the release of their debut single, Flames, a full-throttle blast of indie disco that tips a hat to New Order and features more than a bang of The Killers.

Silver Moon has also dropped an official feature film for the track Luminous, which the duo will perform live at Campfire later this month. Check out the video below to see the syncopation of music, art and film in action:

Silver Moon – streaming live, only at Campfire

After a difficult year, let’s turn up the volume, push back the sofa, and we’ll have a little dance, with a creative celebration – ditto style.

Save your spot now and we’ll send you the Billie-Holiday-inspired ‘Shadows’ as a free download.

See Silver Moon make their stunning live debut at Campfire on 17th December from 5-6pm GMT: