genesis got its Low Code EXPO 2020 campaign off to a flying start recently with an innovative live stream focused on End User Computing – the first in a pioneering series of online events designed to promote its Low Code Application Platform (LCAP).

A focus on End User Computing

The first episode of EXPO 2020 on 29 July was a huge success, highlighting how top firms like ING are using the genesis LCAP to replace their End User Computing (EUC) estates with enterprise-grade solutions.

From a demonstration of ING’s Credit Insurance Application (CIA) process to streamlining workflows in loan underwriting, the show offered a hugely engaging way to explore the benefits for firms using the genesis LCAP.

Discussing the future of app development

Combining a mixture of live and recorded footage, the event featured special guests from genesis and ING sharing their insights and expertise. Stephen Murphy, CEO of genesis, opened the show by giving us an update on the exciting developments at the company – along with a market update.

Matthew Rhys-Evans, Loan Markets Innovation Lead for ING, then shared his experience of how ING is replacing its EUC tools with Low Code applications. He took us through the improvements the firm has made to its credit risk insurance practice by implementing solutions developed rapidly in the genesis LCAP.

We also heard from Ray Chee, Head of Solutions Delivery for genesis, and Darren Newby, Solutions Director for genesis, as they explored the latest LCAP updates and provided us with a showcase of its capabilities.

A new way to host live B2B events

The Low Code EXPO 2020, delivered by genesis and ditto, is an innovative six-month programme of live digital events that offer a new way to engage with and build an audience. Broadcast live from London, New York and Miami, each monthly show is set to feature interviews, use cases, demos and discussion from Sell-Side, Buy-Side, Asset Managers and Venues.

Designed to seamlessly switch between live studio segments and pre-recorded footage, EXPO 2020 moves away from the traditional static view of a webinar to deliver an experience more akin to live TV. It gives genesis the ability to create dynamic, engaging content that resonates with its audience – whether they watch the live stream on one of many digital channels or catch up with it on-demand from the genesis website.

It’s an exciting new way to connect with customers during a time when people are still mostly working away from the office.

Watch the full first episode of the genesis Low Code EXPO 2020, here. Make sure to sign up for the next instalment on 26 August, which will explore Best Execution for Asset Managers & Brokers and feature a special guest from BTON Financial.