Taking place on December 16th, the sixth genesis EXPO (and the last one of 2020) offered the opportunity to hear from industry investors and innovators. It also looked back at the highlights from 2020 while sharing some of the plans genesis has in place for 2021.

This month, the genesis team was joined by special guests Illuminate Financial, an independent specialist investor that finds, funds and supports the entrepreneurs and firms solving real problems for financial institutions.

See the video highlights from the latest Low-Code EXPO:

Company Update from Stephen Murphy

The show once again got going with Stephen Murphy, CEO & Co-Founder, giving an update on the latest developments at genesis and across the market. 

Stephen explored the concepts of ‘No Code vs Low Code’ and ‘Buy vs Build’, emphasising the need to move away from thinking of them as competitive fields. He highlighted how No Code and Low Code are complementary elements of application development. In fact, he even talked about how the genesis LCAP has a roadmap for No Code platform tooling in 2021.

He also discussed the exciting news that Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão (B3) has become the latest firm to choose the genesis LCAP, due to it being financial markets ‘native’.

LCAP Upload with Ray Chee

After Stephen’s update, we were joined by Ray Chee, Head of Solutions Delivery for genesis, for the LCAP Upload section. Ray continued our exploration of the genesis build process, picking up where Shruti Agarwal, Senior Business Analyst and Project Manager, had left off in the previous EXPO

Looking at projects for custom solutions, he explained how the capabilities of the genesis LCAP are much like having Lego bricks for building robust, high-performance, custom financial markets systems in a fraction of the time of traditional development approaches.

LCAP Download with Mark Beeston of Illuminate

This month’s special guest was Mark Beeston, Founder & Managing Partner of Illuminate Financial. He joined Felipe Oliveira, Head of Sales & Marketing for genesis, to share his investor’s perspective on how technology (including Low Code) is addressing some of the biggest challenges in Financial Markets.

Mark explained the investment process for Illuminate, highlighting how technology itself isn’t the focus. Instead, they go looking for the problems that need to be solved. Within that, he emphasised how genesis is a unique proposition.

In a sector that spends more money on technology than any other (except for the tech sector itself), firms have a history of trying to buy or build very large and complex products. And, as Mark said, ‘history is littered with the failure of those types of programmes’.

He explained how, as an alternative to that approach, genesis offers a framework on which you can rapidly build fit-for-purpose solutions of your own, buy solutions off the shelf, or partner with them to develop the solutions you need. To him, it’s ‘a beautiful proposition in a world that really needs solutions, but can’t afford to fail to deliver anymore.’

LCAP In Action with James McLeod of FINOS

Felipe was then joined by James McLeod, Director of Community at FINOS, and Nick Kolba, Global Head of Platform at Genesis, for the In Action section of this month’s EXPO.

James gave us an overview of some of the key projects that have taken place at FINOS over the last 12 months, including the Linux Foundation. He also elaborated on the organisation’s plans for 2021, and how the introduction of new members such as Intel and Accenture will drive further global growth for open source in Fintech.

A smart, creative approach to live B2B events

The Low Code EXPO 2020, delivered by genesis and ditto, is a dynamic programme of live digital events. 

Broadcast live from London, New York and Miami, each monthly show is set to feature interviews, use cases, demos and discussion from Sell-Side, Buy-Side, Asset Managers and Venues.

Designed to seamlessly switch between live studio segments and pre-recorded footage, EXPO 2020 moves away from the traditional static view of a webinar to deliver the experience of live TV.

Watch the full sixth episode of the genesis Low-Code EXPO 2020: