Campfire returns with a new live show on Thursday 25th February – and we’re thrilled to be hosting hip-hop art rap duo TheDeadCanRap.

Legendary music producer and MC, Mike Ladd, and the world-renowned street and contemporary artist, Remi Rough, are set to bring us a remarkable audio-visual experience to support their new eponymous LP.

Creating videos and visuals especially for the show, TheDeadCanRap will premiere new material live at Campfire. They’ll also share tracks from the new album and take us behind the scenes, discussing their influences and the experiences that went into creating their first LP together.

The DeadCanRap has been described as “irresistible iRobot-industrial-funk reminiscent of ‘Kid A’ Radiohead meets Wu-Tang”. It takes us on a fascinating and unpredictable lyrical journey through privacy, parenting and psychology in a dystopian reality. 

The music then breaks out into other dimensions when set alongside the straight lines of Remi’s abstract art.

Join us for what’s set to be an amazing show. It’s live, online and free.