On 28th January, Campfire returned for a new year of live shows as we explored the storied career of UK mixing pioneer Greg Wilson. 

As an artist at the heart of dance floor action for decades, Greg took us on a fascinating journey through a history of the clubs, DJs and record labels of the UK scene – from Northern Soul to Hip Hop (with some choice tunes and stunning visuals from his recent book, Discotheque Archives).

Making the event extra special was the fact that the show marked exactly ten years since Greg’s first appearance on Campfire back in January 2011.

Diving into the Discotheque Archives

The show was split into four distinct sections – DJs, Labels, Venues and Records.

So, Greg began by discussing how DJs had such a key role in the evolution of music and how their music is still played to this day. He emphasised the extent to which UK DJs influenced British musical culture by importing new sounds from America and the Caribbean in particular.

Alongside the DJs, record labels were pivotal in making this era of music and dance culture so successful. Greg explained that labels had a real status that helped to make artists and tracks highly sought after at the time.

Our next section explored how venues like The Hacienda were more than places to enjoy music – they were social hubs for people from all walks of life. Greg told us about some of the groundbreaking clubs that shaped the scene – including The Dug Out in Bristol, which was pivotal in the evolution of artists like Massive Attack.

Greg then chatted about records and how they shaped this whole generation of dance culture. After all, without them nothing from the past, present and future would exist. One fascinating example he shared was of a Barry White cameo on a Love Unlimited track that kicked off his career as an artist.

It was an amazing show and wonderful to have Greg Wilson return to Campfire. Watch the full live event on-demand now to discover more: