26th March 2021

Campfire Presents: TheDeadCanRap

We were thrilled to host hip-hop art rap duo TheDeadCanRap – legendary music producer and MC, Mike Ladd, and the world-renowned street and contemporary artist, Remi Rough.

TheDeadCanRap have created special videos and artist projects for the show, that will premiered on the night. With material from their new eponymous album, mixed with conversation about the band’s influences and the experience of creating their first LP together.

The album takes us on a fascinating and unpredictable lyrical journey through privacy, parenting and psychology in a dystopian reality. The music is cast into other dimensions when set alongside the straight lines of Remi’s abstract art.

Live Show


We delved into topics like how TheDeadCanRap originated, how Remi & Mike collaborate with each other from across the globe, as well as their successes to date.

Q & A

Question and answer section where TheDeadCanRap elaborated on the release of their book, as well as some further scoop on production and inspiration.

Full Show

A live chat with Mike and Remi in which they discussed their influences and the experience of creating their first LP together. Premiered on the night was three music videos for their new hit songs iPhone Raps and 21st Century, as well as TheDeadCanRap. To finish off there was a live Q&A.


Ft. Nosaj [New Kingdom]
Film – Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Breakdance, you can do it!
VHS Archive – Dave Holloway
Edit – Damn Sung

21st Century

Track by – TheDeadCanRap
Edit – Def Tim

iPhone Raps

Art – Remi Rough
Mural Footage – Pablo Aravana
Edit – Damn Sung


Keep up-to-date with TheDeadCanRap and their upcoming projects and events via his social platforms.