As we find ourselves in another lockdown, the world of work has changed dramatically. Yet, while 2020 was all about adapting, 2021 will be about innovating to reimagine our entire relationship with work.

On Wednesday January 27th, Lyreco’s Refresh & Revive Virtual Roadshow series returned, exploring how companies can lead the way in creating new working patterns that better promote productivity and well-being.

Exploring new ways of working

Claire Smith, Customer Experience Director for Lyreco UK & Ireland, opened the show, sharing Lyreco’s vision for the new year. She emphasised the need for employers to rethink their approach to supporting their employees – making work an activity, not a place.

Discovering rituals for a better workday

Exploring the impact of product design on wellness and productivity, John van Hooft, CEO of Office Athletes Group, shared his passion for innovation – and his vision for how companies can help their people ‘work smart and feel good’.

John highlighted how workday rituals can make a huge difference to our relationship with work by refreshing and rejuvenating us. He also discussed the importance of employers leading the way in driving positive behavioural change among their teams.

Improving physical and mental health

Steven Howe, UK & Ireland Country Sales Lead for BakkerElkhuizen, looked at the effects working from home during multiple lockdowns is having on employees’ physical health. 

He shared research showing a marked increase in muscle-skeletal issues among workers (including a 58% increase in neck problems), which emphasises the need for companies to reimagine work and do it fast.

Collaborating to reimagine working practices

Emma Crumpton, Independent Ergonomic Consultant at Fellowes, highlighted the importance of working environments on overall performance and well-being. She explored the need for companies and employers to engage in organisational learning – consulting and collaborating with their workforces to learn what works for them, and what doesn’t.

Creating relaxation and calm amid the chaos

Acclaimed musician and producer Richard Norris explored the connection between sound and wellness, taking us behind the scenes of ‘Music for Healing’. 

He discussed how the project is working with the NHS, the York Medical Practice, Musical Connections, and Professor James Kilner from the Institute Of Neurology at University College London to create practical pieces of sonic medication to calm, relax and help people heal.

It was an amazing show packed with fascinating insights and practical advice. Watch the full show on-demand now to find out how you can reimagine your relationship with work: