Taking place on January 27th, The Download, the first in a new series of genesis Low-Code EXPO events for 2021 gave us an insight into the technology priorities of financial markets in the coming year.

Joining the genesis team this month were special guests from ING, sharing how the genesis Low-Code Application Platform (LCAP) is replacing the firm’s end user computing (EUC) tools, and how Low-Code has become a key pillar in delivering the bank’s digital transformation programme.

Company Update from Stephen Murphy

The show opened with a segment from genesis CEO & Co-Founder Stephen Murphy on the latest developments at genesis, and an update from across the market.

He introduced the new genesis Low-Code EXPO format for 2021, sharing how The Download and The Upload will provide more targeted and in-depth expertise around Low-Code for both business and technical audiences.

He also highlighted how genesis is working closely with clients to develop new industry applications – in particular collaborating with Brazilian broker-dealer XP Investimentos to add a new FX Prime Trade Capture application to the genesis application library.

Driving innovation at ING with Ron Kersic

Ron Kersic, Enterprise Architect at ING, then joined Felipe Oliveira, Chief Operating Officer for genesis, to discuss his technology outlook for 2021 – and how low-code can fuel innovation.

They looked at how, in talking about innovation, what firms are really talking about is digitisation. Ron demonstrated the impact of digitisation, emphasising how it changes the shape of a firm, the shape of its customers and the shape of the scale it can operate at.

Ron also highlighted how these changes are driving key trends such as embedded finance, and how digitisation forms a central part of ING’s strategy.

Exploring EUC replacements with Matthew Rhys-Evans

Another return for 2021 was Matthew Rhys-Evans, Loan Markets Innovation Lead at ING. A veteran of the very-first Low-Code EXPO event in 2020, Matthew shared an update on ING’s ‘Credit Insurance Application’, built using the genesis LCAP.

He also explained how ING’s CIA is part of a wider process that improves the customer and employee experience – and how the bank uses an agile methodology for digitisation and app development.

Eliminating EUC tools with the genesis LCAP

The Download also featured a demo of a new genesis tool that can ingest complex Excel spreadsheets, and convert them into Low-Code applications. 

Yet another example of the potential for Low-Code to replace outdated EUC estates, it showed how the Excel mitigation specific tooling (known as Exceleration) can take a spreadsheet and transform it into a genesis application in just three steps.

Introducing The Download and The Upload

Kicking off a new series for 2021, the genesis team have continued to innovate; making some changes to how they present the genesis Expo. This has seen the two new shows set tol air in alternating months: The Download and The Upload. 

This gives genesis and its subject matter experts additional scope to discuss the opportunities that low-code offers to financial markets firms in greater detail – both from a markets and a technical perspective.

The Download will explore how Low-Code technology is being used in the markets and its role in fintech innovation as a whole. The Upload will bring people together to talk about the technology fuelling innovation; about the tools and the platforms they’re using to solve real problems.

Watch the full first episode of The Download on-demand and book your place at genesis EXPO 2021: The Upload on February 24th.