Legerity has launched FastPost for Insurance with a new look and new messaging for its third-generation accounting rules platform.

FastPost for Insurance helps insurers by implementing a solution for IFRS17 today that goes beyond compliance – putting in place the technology to take advantage of, and respond to, a changing digital world.

Going beyond regulatory compliance

Insurers face a range of challenges – needing to adapt to new regulations while implementing finance transformation (not to mention the immediate priority of IFRS17). Some firms are also finding out the hard way that their IFRS17 projects currently underway aren’t working.

Legerity already had the solution to all these problems. It simply needed a new way to start conversations with potential clients – either those still searching for the right approach to IFRS17 or those in need of a Plan B.

The answer was FastPost for Insurance – highlighting how Legerity provides not only a comprehensive solution for IFRS17 compliance but also the technology to support ongoing digital transformation.

A bold new approach to digital transformation

As part of its new approach, Legerity has unveiled a collection of assets to promote FastPost for Insurance and support its sales team. This includes:

  • A new webpage introducing FastPost for Insurance
  • An animated video exploring how the platform delivers IFRS17 compliance while laying the foundation for digital transformation
  • A product brochure detailing the platform and its key benefits

These have all been built on the messaging framework previously designed for FastPost Express, which has successfully given Legerity a much bigger and bolder way of connecting with customers.

Each asset emphasises the need for firms to get IFRS17 right and also think beyond compliance when it comes to implementing a solution that they will rely on for future finance transformation.

The finance transformation experts

Legerity are the experts in cloud-based accounting rules software. They’re changing the way Insurance, Banking and Telco firms think about their back-office processes. 

They have decades of experience in accounting regulation, and have deployed FastPost to some of the most complex industries – including leading insurance firms.

And now, with FastPost for Insurance, they have a targeted approach to helping insurers meet their needs both for IFRS17 compliance today and digital transformation tomorrow.

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