On behalf of Legerity, ditto developed an animation to promote their FastPost leading-edge accounting rules platform that enables firms to meet the compliance and complexity of IFRS 17. We launched the short animation on the 14th June, and since then it has had over 3,000 views on YouTube.

ditto developed the strategy, designs and narrative structure of the asset – as well as its animation. It is simple, informative and eye-catching – driven predominantly by icons, which clearly present key messages. This approach ensured that the video was completely aligned with our previous animation work for Legerity – in terms of look, feel, animation style, and even down to securing the same Voice Over actor that has become the ‘voice’ of Legerity’s ditto-developed brand.

The video incorporates both the primary and secondary colour palettes to remain consistent with the colours found on Legerity’s website. The rainbow road which is used throughout the video is something that has been integrated within a lot of Legerity collateral to represent a path, a clear road to compliance and a route forward – with Legerity at the forefront of innovation.

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