ditto was engaged by Legerity for a second project following the successful launch of their new ditto-designed website earlier this year.

The project was announcing the upcoming IFRS 17 change in accounting standards for insurance contracts: created both for a trade publication banner advert on InsuranceERM.com, as well as a full-page advert in their printed magazine.

An example of the advert adapted to fit a headline banner format

Visuals of a digital alarm clock reinforced the message of ‘waking up to IFRS 17’. Combining clean design and a striking visual metaphor helped the advert stand out from other adverts in the print magazine. For the digital assets, we generated campaign-specific UTM destination URLs, to ensure that traffic to Legerity’s dedicated IFRS 17 landing page could be tracked and measured – tying back to calculating Legerity’s ROI for the advert investment.

The ad was created in a variety of formats: full page printed advert, animated gifs (skyscraper, headline banner and MPU), and as part of printed conference flyers.

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