Looking to drive awareness of its innovative platform for transferring assets in financial markets, Baton Systems has chosen ditto to deliver its content marketing campaign for Q1 2021.

The collaboration will see Baton and ditto produce and distribute a live virtual event alongside a range of digital assets designed to drive lead generation among key target audiences for the rapidly growing fintech firm.

Driving lead generation with digital assets

Running for an initial 90-day period, the campaign will unveil Baton’s first live digital show – demonstrating its thought leadership in the space via a dynamic mix of live and pre-recorded video content.

The event will feature a company update, insights from a Baton client or partner, an introduction to the Baton platform, and a key use case – aiming to replicate the success of the Genesis Low-Code Expo series, also produced by ditto.

This will be supported by a range of assets, from social media promotion to industry articles set to explore Baton’s thought leadership and use cases in areas such as peer-to-peer transactions and internal Cash Management operations.

About Baton Systems

Baton is reforming how payments are made in the world’s largest financial markets. By delivering on-demand synchronisation and orchestration of asset movements through its distributed ledger-based platform, it’s streamlining and automating the clearing and settlement process – reducing risk and pre-funding requirements, and increasing liquidity.

Founded in 2016 by technology, payments and capital markets veterans (and backed by venture capital), Baton works with numerous market participants – including major global banks, custodian banks and exchanges – to meet today’s demands for capital efficiency, regulatory compliance and operational superiority.

We look forward to working with Baton and using our extensive financial markets experience to deliver a successful campaign and build a strong ongoing relationship.