2pm - 3pm Wednesday 27th January

Discover how top firms like ING are using genesis’ Low-Code Application Platform for direct automation use cases, such as replacing problematic End-User Computing (EUC) with an enterprise-grade robust solution.

Join us live on Wednesday, January 27th, 9am EST / 2pm GMT, for the Low-Code Download with our special guests ING. We’ll be discussing how the genesis’ Low-Code Application Platform is replacing EUC, and how low-code is a key delivery pillar helping to deliver the bank’s digital transformation program.

We are delighted to welcome back to the show Matthew Rhys-Evans – Loan Markets Innovation Lead at ING – with an update on ING’s ‘Credit Insurance Application’ built using the Genesis platform. We’ll be joined by Ron Kersic – Enterprise Architect at ING – discussing his technology outlook for 2021 and how Low-Code is fuelling ING innovation.

Also, we’ll demo the new genesis tool that enables you to ingest complex Excel spreadsheets, and convert them into low-code applications; another example of the potential for low-code tooling to replace outdated EUC estates.

Learn about the CIA application from our July Show: