This article explores 5 areas of marketing to make sure your product or service is seen, heard, talked about and adopted by your target audience. 


  1. Mobile Marketing

We are spending more time than ever on our mobile phones, with the average UK adult spending over three hours on their mobile device each day. FinTech companies can target mobile users as a great way to connect marketing efforts. One of the keys to successful mobile marketing is to ensure that you have a mobile responsive website. In doing so, you’ll not only rank better and higher in Google search results, but are more likely to create conversions from the visitors you’ll receive. Mobile is all about convenience, ease of use and speed, with 52% of all online searching being done on mobile its important you practice mobile friendly marketing. 


  1. Getting Social

Social media connects people. If you aren’t using its ready sourced pool of potential targets then you are missing out. Before you choose what social media channel you are going use you first must identify the market sector you’re aiming for – this dictates where most of your resources should be spent. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, Digg, Reddit, TikTok, or YouTube – you’re going to need to pick and choose which is best to share your message and adopt a strategy for each. Your posts need to entice the reader to click through to your website or content – be creative with Call-To-Actions, events, competitions and exclusive content . Bespoke social banners with striking visuals are a great way to get your brand seen across networks. Tagging partners and collaborators will also widen your exposure to audiences. 


  1. Valuable Content

In a sea of content marketing and amongst all the noise, creating valuable content is one major way to stand out. Whether its producing a White Paper on regulation compliance or hosting a video interview which outlines a new product launch, creating content that helps people to understand and digest complex challenges or services will help you to be considered as a thought leading, trusted firm in your field.


  1. Rich Media

A video that embodies your product is the new standard in creating good content, with 96% of B2B organisations using video in their marketing approach. Rich media is a versatile medium that can be deployed “above the line”, outlining your corporate message and “below the line”, as explainer videos. Video animations are immediate and engaging content that can be viewed across platforms, from mobile to business presentations. They are a must have communication asset on your website, when included on a homepage can increase conversion by 80%, improving dwell times and search engine optimisation. Animations have no boundaries and can display scenes a camera cannot, explaining complex products simply and complimenting the written word.


  1. Winning with a Website

If your online presence isn’t winning, you are losing business. Your website needs to be planned with wireframes and built with the end-user in mind. A website that can be easily navigated will showcase your offering, capture leads and support your campaigns. Creating eye-catching and functionally rich online resource centres to house your editorial and video assets will produce a hub for your business. It is also important for your website to be designed with security in mind, and make it extendable – so the site can grow, change and develop as your business does.


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