BBC have recently revamped their sound platform to collaborate music, radio and podcast content all in one place. 


The team here at ditto were excited to hear that London-based agency Mother had teamed up with the broadcasting giant to work on the branding and ad-based launch campaign for audio and podcast channel, BBC Sounds.

Source: BBC 

“We worked closely with BBC UX and creative teams to shape the brand strategy, naming and design. Our branding expresses the unique way in which BBC Sounds unites all your audio content in one place.” Mother Design. 


Podcasts, which often take the shape of a traditional radio show, have seen a huge rise in the last half a decade, with the introduction of smartphones and a lower barrier to entry. The popularity of podcasts is growing rapidly, with a 58% increase in the number of people listening in the last two years. According to the BBC, 6 million people in the UK listen to a podcast each week, with many of those only joining the podcast re-revolution very recently.

The BBC have collaborated with Mother Design to portray the energetic, playful and creative side to their ubiquitous brand.

The brand language weaves all of these elements into a highly flexible system, while always maintaining the human element of BBC Sounds. Our aim was for it to reflect the expressive, creative and deeply personal experience of the app.” Mother Design.

The app, BBC Sounds, which is available to download now, lets users browse more hours of top-tier material than anyone could ever plausibly get through in a lifetime. 

Source: BBC 


“BBC Sounds has something for everyone: brand new music mixes – curated by some of the biggest names in the industry – new and exclusive podcasts, live and on-demand radio, plus endless hours from the archive.” BBC.



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