With new Fintech companies growing rapidly, speed to innovation is helping to define today’s winners in financial services. A new approach is needed to deliver the innovation at the pace that’s required, and Low-Code / No-Code is the solution.

“Low-code application development will be responsible for more than 70% of application development activity by 2025.”
– Gartner

Financial market firms have an increasing and urgent demand to radically reimagine their business across automation, transformation & regulation. They are weighed down with legacy estates, contracting budgets, and a severe skills shortage. Also facing regulatory fines, increasing operational costs, and a technology stack that is expensive to maintain and change, there is a need to increase the speed of application development. For all the above reasons, Low-Code / No-Code adoption has skyrocketed among leading financial markets firms.

Low-Code / No-Code platforms, specifically Genesis, allows teams to develop applications faster through composable building blocks, web-based microservices, and empower 99% of non-IT workers to become ‘creators’. Applicable to both simple and complex financial markets use cases – from EUC replacement to development of new E-Platforms – Low-Code / No-Code radically reduces cost and development time by up to 80%.

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