In 2018, ING embarked on a mission to reimagine risk, data, and workflows with a Low-Code / No-Code Platform. By adopting a new approach to application development, ING was able to increase operational efficiency, reduce risk, and take ownership of its technology stack.

ING recognized that Financial market firms have an increasing and urgent demand to radically reimagine their business across automation, transformation & regulation. Exposed to regulatory fines, increasing operational costs, and a technology stack that is expensive to maintain and change, they sought to drive change within an agile, at-scale transformation framework. This framework set the path for further digitalization across wholesale and investment banks and promote the growth of platforms on which to conduct business.

Using the Genesis Low-Code / No-Code Platform, ING leveraged composable building blocks, data centricity, and a holistic platform to offer global team managed workflows, visualization, auditability, and risk control. In the below Case Study, ING & Celent explore their journey to a more digital process, and what it means to adopt a 360-degree Buy-to-Build technology approach. They also discuss the decision to create a solution with low-code/no-code provider Genesis Global Technology Limited, the outcomes for ING, and future plans to grow the platform across ING and across the market ecosystem.