21.05.2020 - Press Release Trustology is first cryptoasset custody wallet provider to join Corda Network with LAB577’s DASL

Trustology, a London-based institutional cryptoasset custody firm
dedicated to enabling global crypto adoption, today announces that they will be
partnering with Digital Asset Shared Ledger (DASL)—a platform developed by LAB577 to
transform traditional financial instruments into digital assets. This partnership allows
Trustology to join the Corda Network, making them the first cryptoasset custody wallet
provider on the network.

The finance-grade, enterprise-ready, regulatory friendly DASL facilitates the
globally-secure atomic value transfer of digital assets across the Corda Network—a
peer-to-peer network of nodes, enabling interoperability across multiple systems, apps,
and processes. Using the open DASL solution on the Corda network, Trustology will be able to support
fulfilling its mission to accelerate the crypto economy worldwide.

“LAB577 is delighted to partner with Trustology and bring them onto the Corda network using DASL. As a member of DASL, Trustology will be able to provide an even better service to their customers for key management and safe custody of digital assets,”
LAB577 CEO and Former Head of Emerging Technology at RBS, Richard Crook

Trustology has developed TrustVault—a fast, user-friendly, and highly secure insured
custodial wallet service, designed to address the security and ownership shortcomings of
existing custody solutions as well as provide on-chain and on-exchange controls for
managing and securing assets. TrustVault provides an equal level of speed, flexibility, and
access demanded of traditional assets and account services within conventional finance.

“We need to do our part in building an ecosystem that is safer, faster and easier for both individual and institutional crypto adoption. Partnering to support infrastructure designs such as the Corda Network and its token issuance is a step in that direction because we remove barriers to purchase and offer a frictionless, secure experience to foster trust.”
Trustology CEO, Alex Batlin

As the first cryptoasset custody wallet provider on the Corda network, Trustology will be
working on delivering a host of new benefits to clients. These include extending wallet
compatibility to Corda-based tokens, providing reliable key management and secure
custody services to holders of Corda assets.

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