Digital Campfire presents Big Boost Mondays – Part 2 – Martyn Ware – BEF, Heaven 17 and beyond

Following our first instalment of Digital Campfire with Martyn Ware back in April, Martyn joined us again to kick off June for ‘Part 2 – Martyn Ware – BEF, Heaven 17 and beyond’ – a highly anticipated discussion into The Human League founder’s music career. We explored Heaven 17 and production company British Electric Foundation, how Martyn revitalised Tina Turner’s career and produced other artists, as well as his sound design company Illustrious. We also had an insight into Martyn’s involvement across the entire music industry as Board Member of The Ivors Academy, Visiting Professor and Hon DSc – Queen Mary College, University of London and much more! Attendees also enjoyed joining and meeting Martyn during a live Q&A session in a digital hangout after the talk.

We’ve gathered all the material and content from Part 2 of ditto’s discussion with Martyn. Explore this page to follow the journey of one of the U.K’s most prominent figures in synth music – with real audience responses & questions!


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Audience comments:

Campfire // Martyn Ware Podcast

Listen to Radio ditto’s Part 1 of ‘Campfire // Martyn Ware’ podcast. In this episode, had an honest chat with Martyn about his journey from humble beginnings in Sheffield, dropping out of school to help support his family, and how his downtime between working night shifts gave him the opportunity to experiment with electronic music – creating the track ‘Being Boiled’ which sold 5000 copies by word of mouth and gained airtime from John Peel, attracting the attention of Virgin Records and EMI. We asked how Martyn dealt with the transition of art to business and what happens to creativity when commercials come into play. Martyn also shares how he wrote, recorded and produced The Human League’s first two albums ‘Travelogue’ and ‘Reproduction’, along with tensions that arise within a creative enterprise, and how to bounce back with vigour.

Martyn Ware

Mike Wilson